Prospects for TETRA in a time of spending cuts

Wireless drew together an expert panel to discuss the future for public safety radio


Should Government cut or invest A realistic programme for improvements
Delivering cost savings  Decisions facing government 
Coping strategies for clients and suppliers  Final assessment of prospects
Working the current asset base Videos of final assessment view videos

Expert Panel:

Sue Lampard, Superintendent, Operational Support (Communications), Surrey Police

Gert Jan Wolf, Founder and CEO of

Duncan Swan, Analyst, Analysys Mason

Phil Kidner, CEO, TETRA Association

Josh Berle, Client Director, Airwave

Rodrigo Franciscani, Senior Strategy Manager EMEA, Motorola Solutions

Andrew Walker, Head of Application Development, Syntech

Chair: James Atkinson, Editor, Wireless

Written by Wireless magazine
Wireless magazine


  1. David_NHM
    David Nunn 19th Nov 2010

    It seems key that the public sector reaches a view on 1) whether it wants to continue to pursue best pratice 2) how it will implement this and 3) how,...

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