Italian service provider Fidoka Srl to deploy DragonWave Harmony radios

Regional Italian service provider to use microwave radio system in the 6-42 GHz spectrum bands to support wireless links in rural areas

Italian service provider Fidoka Srl to deploy DragonWave Harmony radios

DragonWave is to supply its packet microwave radio systems to Italian wireless Internet service provider (WISP) Fidoka Srl, a member of the Servili Computer Srl consortium.

The company selected DragonWave’s Harmony Enhanced radios based upon testing and analysis, which demonstrated the radios could be deployed on longer links than competitive products and use smaller antennas - factors that directly contribute to CAPEX and OPEX savings.

Harmony Enhanced radios provide up to 4 Gbps of capacity and utilise GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology, which increases reach by greater than 30%. DragonWave claims its technology continues to gain ground with a growing list of operators around the world in need of fibre-equivalent solutions for rural deployments that require longer links.

The is a compact, all-outdoor Harmony Enhanced radio allows operators to cost effectively scale their networks with system gain, high spectral efficiency and increased capacity, enabled through 112 MHz channel support, Bandwidth Accelerator+, 4096QAM, and MIMO upgradability.

These capabilities allow Harmony Enhanced to deliver greater than 2 Gbps in a single radio, with scalability via MIMO to 4 Gbps in a single channel. Bandwidth Accelerator+ provides greater than two times throughput improvements with the inclusion of header optimisation and the industry's only bulk compression working in tandem.

Francesco Maria Compagnucci, member of Research and Technical Development team at Fidoka Srl, said. "In pursuing our network upgrade to increase our regional footprint, but also to meet the increasing capacity demands of our existing customers, we conducted competitive analysis to find the most efficient and cost-effective, fibre-equivalent solution that served our business goals.

"The technological aspects inherent in the Harmony Enhanced enable a network architecture like no other product we tested, making it the logical choice for Fidoka as we continue to provide exceptional service our customers have come to expect."

"Harmony Enhanced demonstrates how DragonWave works diligently and listens to our customers to develop and deliver microwave solutions that are engineered to meet their specific network requirements," said Peter Allen, DragonWave president and CEO.

"This is further evidenced by a growing, valued customer-base for the Harmony Enhanced radios, and we welcome Fidoka Srl as the newest member to that group with our commitment to continue to drive technological advancement and provide industry-leading solutions that help them achieve their business objectives."

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