Houston deploys Siklu radios for video surveillance at Super Bowl LIVE

60 GHz millimetre wave wireless radios extend city’s fibre network and eliminate interference by avoiding congested radio bands, while narrow beams make it very difficult to intercept or jam

Houston deploys Siklu radios for video surveillance at Super Bowl LIVE

The city of Houston, Texas, has chosen Siklu to provide millimetre-wave wireless connectivity for the video surveillance system being used at Super Bowl LIVE (28 January to 5 February). The 10-day outdoor event in Houston is expected to draw more than one million visitors as part of the pre-game festivities.

Siklu’s EH-600TX radios are being used to transmit video surveillance from the east side of downtown Houston, which will host the Super Bowl LIVE festivities. The outdoor event includes entertainment, music and games and is being held over several city blocks near a 12-acre urban park.

The high level of wireless activity that will take place is expected to create network congestion, which Siklu’s radios will bypass by operating in the unoccupied, wide 60GHz spectrum, which is separate from traditional wireless consumer networks. Siklu’s millimetre wave radios use narrow beam technology, which eliminates interference from outside networks.

Siklu’s radios are part of a 36 megapixel camera deployment provided by Axis Communications, a PSIM system from VidSys, and a video management system from Genetec, all of which are being deployed by the Houston Police Department to monitor Super Bowl LIVE.

Using a mix of fibre and millimetre wave wireless from Siklu, the city is taking a hybrid approach to its network infrastructure for the event to ensure continuous interference-free video surveillance to enable the police department to monitor the area for issues. The system offers fibre-like quality with the flexibility, speed of deployment and affordable cost associated with a wireless network.

“Given the size of this event, it was extremely important that we deployed a reliable security network that could provide continuous coverage over a large outdoor area,” said Jack Hanagriff, from the City of Houston’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security. “We are expecting the Siklu radios to bulldoze through any wireless interference in the area caused by thousands of members of the public as they use their phones to stream video and photos.”

Siklu radios also provide a high-level network access security by operating over millimetre wave. The narrow beams make it practically impossible to intercept or jam, making the network secured from hackers and fully survivable.

“The City of Houston and Police Department were concerned about camera coverage and congestion from numerous wireless networks and mobile devices,” said Shaun Castillo, President of Preferred Technologies, LLC, the lead integrator on this project. “Siklu radios provide the city with an extension of its fibre network by leveraging the interference free capabilities of millimetre wave technology.”

“We’re pleased that Siklu’s millimetre wave radios are an integral part of the Super Bowl Live security measures,” said Zeev Farkash, VP Global Sales at Siklu. “As security needs continue to grow with large-scale events like these, it’s important to implement a reliable surveillance solution to ensure the safety of visitors. Siklu has exactly this experience and has provided wireless connectivity at many high profile events, including the New York City Marathon and the Tour de France.”

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