Anite releases new measurement solution to aid optimisation of 4G networks

Nemo Xynergy Geospatial Intelligence enables wireless network operators to improve the quality of customer experience while cutting down the operating cost

Anite releases new measurement solution to aid optimisation of 4G networks

Anite, now part of Keysight Technologies, has launched a new module for its Nemo Xynergy platform, the Nemo Xynergy Geospatial Intelligence. The solution is targeted at RF/performance engineering teams for driveless optimisation through correlated analytics

It is also aimed at customer care and service assurance teams for customer experience management, so that they can efficiently prioritise and resolve issues that degrade network quality and customer experience.

Nemo Xynergy Geospatial Intelligence addresses three main use cases:

• Driving cost effectiveness and efficiency through driveless optimisation of the network using OSS generated call trace data
• Improving customer experience by analysing and troubleshooting customer specific calls, sessions and events that are accurately geolocated using proprietary geolocation algorithms
• Improving the depth and quality of analytics by enabling correlation of multiple data sources to enhance the problem identification and troubleshooting routines.

“Operators and network equipment providers are being driven aggressively to improve the quality of the customer experience while simultaneously cutting down the operating cost,” said Ashok Sethu, Vice President at Anite’s Network Testing Business.

“The fact that we are a fully licensed vendor for OSS formats from Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia through the OSSii initiative, and can now provide one tool to correlate across all data sources from all vendors – performance management, configuration management, fault management, call trace and drive test – puts us in prime position to help operators improve their networks while streamlining OPEX.”

Nemo Xynergy is a web-based enterprise level platform for analysing drive test, OSS call trace, small cell/DAS, and network management data. Nemo Xynergy automates key tasks in the network management life cycle. The platform supports multiple data sources, the latest wireless technologies and multiple wireless equipment vendors.

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