Finland and Norway to enable interoperable TETRA networks

Work begins shortly to allow Finnish VIRVE and Norwegian Nødnett critical communications networks to communicate with each other

Finland and Norway to enable interoperable TETRA networks

Finland and Norway are to co-operate on a strategy that will allow emergency services personnel and other critical industries to inter-communicate using the Finnish VIRVE and Norwegian Nødnett TETRA national public safety communications networks

The two countries will sign a Letter of Intent (LoI) on connecting national shared authority networks using the TETRA Inter-System Interface (ISI) on 8 February at the Critical Communications Europe event in Copenhagen.

The LoI will be between State Security Networks Group (in Finnish: Erillisverkot), Finland and Directorate of Emergency Communication, Norway. It is the starting point for joint project that aims to establish technical network connection during 2017. This project expands cross-border co-operation in the region following the first cross-border TETRA ISI, which was established between Norway and Sweden in 2016.

Finland and Norway share 736 km of common border in Lapland. In the area there is a long tradition of authority co-operation, which will be significantly enhanced with the cross-border communication capabilities the TETRA ISI will provide.

Jarmo Vinkvist, CEO Suomen Virveverkko Oy, State Security Networks Group, said: “Seamless co-operation between agencies is a key success factor of VIRVE network – with the ISI connection the same benefit can be extended to daily operations with Norwegian authority colleagues regardless of the national borders.”

He continued: “This Letter of Intent underlines our joint Nordic values and sets the path forward for Finland to be part of the field operations Norway has successfully established with Sweden before.”

Tor Helge Lyngstøl, Director, Directorate for Emergency Communication (DNK), said: “In today’s world civil protection cannot be considered in a national perspective only. DNK is proud to extend the successful partnership we have with Sweden to our Finnish neighbours.

“We have learned that interoperability is not only a technical issue, but must involve the alignment of routines and procedures for emergency services. We are proud to contribute to an even more interconnected Nordic region.”

Photo Credit: Maria Kuula (VIRVE)

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