KodaCloud to supply Wi-Fi to hundreds of EmployBridge offices

Largest staffing firm in US and Canada will now rely on KodaCloud‘s Wi-Fi as a subscription service for its hundreds of office locations

KodaCloud to supply Wi-Fi to hundreds of EmployBridge offices

US-firm KodaCloud has scooped a major contract with EmployBridge, which has chosen to deploy its Wi-Fi as a subscription service across hundreds of the company’s office locations in the US and Canada.

EmployBridge is one of the largest workforce specialist firms in the country delivering staffing solutions from nearly 500 offices. Its decision to use KodaCloud’s solution is a major a fillip for the young company, and an endorsement of its technology.

KodaCloud is the first company to offer Wi-Fi as a cloud-powered subscription service with one global expert system for proactive network monitoring and troubleshooting using patented Artificial Intelligence (AI).

KodaCloud’s service includes a network of indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi access points (AP) that are shipped directly to customer locations, eliminating the need for a customer to buy equipment, or a partner to manage inventory or shipments. The entire network can be installed in minutes and KodaCloud manages the network for a low-monthly fee.

“With our many distributed office locations, we needed a Wi-Fi network that could run and fix itself, as well as scale with our growing needs,” said Michael Ramsey, vice president of information technology with EmployBridge. “KodaCloud’s Wi-Fi as-a-service has re-defined how we deploy and manage our Wi-Fi networks - allowing us to focus more on scaling our business.”

To date, KodaCloud has deployed 140 Wi-Fi access points in 76 of the 500 locations. During one week of network monitoring, KodaCloud’s proactive network monitoring identified 3,456 connectivity or performance issues with almost 60,000 device connections.

The system made 2,796 automatic corrections (81%), and issued two network alerts to the IT team to address other issues. The system improved average signal connectivity strength by 15 dB, and improved employee data rate connectivity by an average of 47 Mbps for each correction.

“EmployBridge put their trust in KodaCloud to show the value of distributed networks as a service,” said Huw Rees, vice president of sales with KodaCloud. “By working together with KodaCloud, EmployBridge is benefiting from the AI-powered cloud service to reduce network connectivity, performance and rad interference errors - thus improving the company’s productivity.”

As of January 2017, KodaCloud has deployed over 800 Wi-Fi access points. KodaCloud’s proactive network monitoring identifies over 20,000 daily connectivity or performance issues with over 150,000 device connections.

KodaCloud’s system makes on average of 80+ percent automatic corrections of network connectivity and performance issues, and issues alerts to IT teams where human intervention is needed.

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