Panasonic and Silver Spring Networks form Smart City alliance

Panasonic’s CityNOW business will work with Silver Spring’s Starfish IPv6 network and data platform to offer cities a range of smart solutions

Panasonic and Silver Spring Networks form Smart City alliance

Panasonic and Silver Spring Networks have teamed up to provide a portfolio of smart and sustainable solutions for cities, real estate developers, utilities, and other smart city customers, the two announced at CES 2017 yesterday (4 January 2017).

The new go-to-market alliance will combine Panasonic CityNOW, a business of Panasonic Corporation of North America, and Silver Spring’s Starfish Internet of Things (IoT) platform. CityNOW integrates Panasonic and third-party technologies across five smart city pillars: smart mobility, clean energy, city services, smart buildings, and health & wellness.

The alliance between Panasonic and Silver Spring Networks supports CityNOW’s Safe and Smart Streets initiative, which turns a single-use asset often considered a liability—the street light—into a multi-use, highly valuable asset.

The idea is that the street light pole becomes the host for multiple smart and sustainable technologies with cross-cutting benefits: controllable smart LED lights that save energy and O&M costs, community WiFi, environmental sensing (e.g., temperature, air quality, light intensity), video cameras for public safety and parking/traffic management.

Connected and controlled by an IoT backbone, Safe and Smart Streets transforms ‘just a light’ into the smartphone of the streetscape, the two companies claim.

Silver Spring’s Starfish is a standards-based IPv6 network and data platform, designed to enable cities to improve service levels, drive down operational costs, easily scale and expand smart city services on demand, and enable new services that can improve the living environment of millions of residents.

Under the new agreement, Panasonic will offer Silver Spring’s Starfish platform and SLV6 city management platform service models to its city and utility customers as part of its broader CityNOW integrated solutions portfolio.

Panasonic has deployed Silver Spring’s Starfish platform to connect and control LED streetlights at Peña Station NEXT (pictured above), a 400-acre, mixed-use transit-oriented development adjacent to Denver International Airport (DEN).

Panasonic—the anchor corporate tenant at Peña—has partnered with the City and County of Denver, DEN, utility Xcel Energy, developer LC Fulenwider LLC, and other stakeholders to make Peña Station NEXT an example of smart and sustainable solutions.

This public-private partnership will utilise Peña as a test bed for technologies and business models before broader deployment throughout the Denver metro area and beyond.

Peña Station NEXT builds upon Panasonic’s global smart city expertise, including Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town, a Panasonic-led smart and sustainable development in Fujisawa, Japan, about 30 miles southwest of Tokyo.

Peña Station NEXT is also home to the Panasonic Technology & Solutions Center, which opened in September 2016 and serves as the operations hub for Panasonic CityNOW and Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company.

“Peña Station NEXT is a living smart city lab combining a variety of stakeholders and solutions to shape the definition of a modern, connected city—a city that is more predictive, adaptive, and responsive,” said Jarrett Wendt, executive vice president of Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company.

“As more cities want to join the new digital frontier, the landscape demands collaboration between best-in-class stakeholders to bring safety, transportation, and other departmental initiatives such as street lighting to life,” said Brandon Davito, vice president of Smart Cities and Street Lights, Silver Spring Networks.

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