Stream IoT-X platform selected for Liverpool LoRaWAN IoT network

LoRa low power wide area IoT network is part of Digital Catapult’s IoTUK Boost programme; Sensor City and Stream Technologies to implement IoT solutions for SMEs and entrepreneurs

Stream IoT-X platform selected for Liverpool LoRaWAN IoT network

In partnership with Sensor City, Stream Technologies will be bringing Liverpool to the Internet of Things with the deployment of the low power wide area network technology, known as LoRaWAN, as part of the Digital Catapult IoTUK Boost programme.

Stream's IoT-X platform will enable and manage the network, allowing the development and use of devices for applications including air quality monitoring, asset tracking and social care.

IoTUK Boost is funded by Government as part of the IoTUK research and innovation programme, underlining the importance of IoT for the UK’s digital economy. As part of IoTUK Boost, Stream will be involved in holding meet ups, open calls and training workshops to stimulate engagement with the test network for a minimum of six months.

Stream and Sensor City aim is to work with at least 10 SMEs or entrepreneurs, to help them to bring early stage IoT products and services to a commercial prototype stage, or early market release.

As part of the Boost initiative, Sensor City and Stream will be able to provide SMEs and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills to become quickly productive and innovative through the use of LoRa. With longer range, decreased power requirements and lower cost than a mobile network, LoRaWAN enable a much wider range of IoT applications.

Dr Joanne Phoenix, Business Development for Sensor City, said: “I see this as an essential part of the Sensor City offering and it really does allow us to ‘do what it says on the tin! We are now looking for companies interested to access the network and become early adopters. We expect competition for support to be fierce and I really encourage companies to get in touch with us as soon as possible.”

Mohsen Shakoor, Strategic Partnerships, Stream Technologies, said: “This network will allow enterprises, and the public, to connect sensors and gather real-time data, including location information without the need for GPS, with a battery life span of up to 10 years.”

Nigel Chadwick, CEO, Stream Technologies, added: “Stream are seeing a tremendous increase in adoption of IoT-X in smart city deployments, due to its granular control of IoT networks – including LoRa, cellular and satellite. Liverpool will have the advantage of IoT-X’s cutting edge technology to enable low-cost and long-range connectivity.”

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