KodaCloud introduces subscription-based indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi

Managed service providers can provide and manage indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi networks for enterprise customers, hotels and venues without requiring end-users to purchase equipment

KodaCloud introduces subscription-based indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi

KodaCloud announced the commercial availability of its new outdoor Wi-Fi access point (OAP) this week (12 December 2016). With this launch, KodaCloud has now expanded its portfolio of Wi-Fi as a Cloud Service to deliver a seamless Wi-Fi experience for mixed indoor and outdoor environments.

The company’s service includes a network of indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi access points (AP) that are shipped directly to customer location(s) and entire networks can be installed in minutes.

KodaCloud delivers and manages the networks for less than the cost of most vendors’ maintenance contracts, eliminating the need for a customer to buy equipment or a partner to manage inventory or shipments.

The US-based firm claims to be the first to offer enterprise customers Wi-Fi as a cloud-powered subscription service using one global expert system for proactive network monitoring and troubleshooting using its patented Artificial Intelligence (AI).

“KodaCloud is re-defining the organisational network,” said Craig Mathias, a principal with the wireless and mobile advisory firm Farpoint Group. “What we’re seeing here isn’t just the future of Wi-Fi in enterprise, government, and beyond, but in fact the re-definition of organisational IT itself away from ever-more boxes and towards easily-scalable and very cost-effective services.”

Marcel Chenier, vice president of engineering at KodaCloud, said: “KodaCloud’s new outdoor AP is the result of over a decade of experiences in creating and delivering innovative access points for rugged outdoor and mixed indoor environments.

“What makes this an industry first, is KodaCloud’s ability to proactively manage and troubleshoot mixed and regionally distributed deployments of indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi networks, controlled by one global expert system that’s powered by Artificial Intelligence.”

KodaCloud OAP specifications include:

• 802.11ac, 3x3 dual radio 2.4 + 5.8 GHz (FCC)
• IP-67 compliant enclosure and temperature rated for -40? to 60?
• Omni-directional and directional antenna options
• Gigabit Ethernet with Power over Ethernet.

“We’re very happy to be the first partner to deploy the new outdoor AP from KodaCloud, said Greg Chitwood, CEO of Allied Communications. “Our customers need indoor and outdoor options and we’re very pleased to benefit from KodaCloud’s proactive network management that’s already saving us time and resources.”

KodaCloud’s patented AI-powered cloud service reduces or eliminates the need for dedicated IT teams to constantly monitor network traffic, monitor radio interference, or respond to network alerts indicating a problem without a clear solution, according to the company. MSPs also benefit from unprecedented profit margins with KodaCloud, as they do not need to buy the equipment.

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