Eseye launches IoT security solution with Amazon Web Services

Eseye AnyNet Secure enables IoT devices to easily connect with the AWS Cloud network and reduces risk and costs to customers

Eseye launches IoT security solution with Amazon Web Services

Eseye and Amazon Web Services have launched an IoT Security service called AnyNet Secure. The cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity provider for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, demonstrated the solution at AWS’ Re:Invent convention in Las Vegas.

At the convention, the new Eseye AnyNet Secure SIM was introduced as a new cellular connectivity solution integrated fully with the AWS Cloud management console and Cloud platform.

UK-based Eseye provides AWS IoT customers with enhanced security and connectivity features that enables IoT devices across the globe to remotely, automatically and securely activate, provision, authenticate and certify ‘things’, over-the-air, and to then ingest data into AWS customers’ clouds.

Eseye believes the technology delivers several IoT breakthroughs. It launches devices or ‘things’ securely onto the global AWS Cloud network without the need for any physical configuration; no manual passwords or onsite intervention is required; and the need for the release of third party security keys to manufacturers is also now removed.

The potential reductions in risk and costs for AWS customer IoT deployments are significant, according to Eseye.

Julian Hardy, CEO at Eseye, said: “This new technology will ultimately allow more and varied products to go to market and to succeed by offering AWS customers the chance to take much of the cost, risk and time out of M2M IoT deployments.

“Collectively, we create a globally-available ubiquitous service layer through which projects can be deployed at scale, in a more secure manner and way that was previously impossible for customers. AnyNet Secure removes the need to make long-term sacrifices on security or go through a painstaking deployment process of manual intervention, one device at a time.”

The new ‘plug-and-play’ or ‘zero touch’ SIM delivers increased efficiency thanks to its simple installation and remote management. Through the multi-IMSI technology embedded within the solution, the SIM allows organizations to deploy almost anywhere in the world, while establishing more robust levels of security.


More information on the solution can be found here.



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