EAT17 harnesses Lancom Wi-Fi for digital pricing solution

EAT17 combines Lancom Systems Wi-Fi, electronic shelf labelling from SES-imagotag and business analysis tools from Market Hub Technologies to provide accurate digital pricing and services

EAT17 harnesses Lancom Wi-Fi for digital pricing solution

EAT17, the London-based family run grocery store, has partnered with Market Hub Technologies, electronic shelf labelling (ESL) provider SES-imagotag and German network solutions vendor Lancom Systems, to introduce digital pricing and wireless LAN into its flagship stores.

The new system gives EAT17’s customers an enhanced shopping experience by ensuring their favourite products are always in-stock and by benefiting from free Wi-Fi. The chain’s staff now spends less time on pricing, while the accuracy of the pricing inside the stores has considerably improved.

SPAR EAT17 is a multi-award winning convenience store chain. It prides itself on the quality of its offering, from the products it sells to its store experience. However, it wanted to take the customer experience to the next level.

By combining Market Hub Technologies analytics solution, SES-imagotag’s electronic shelf labelling and Wi-Fi from Lancom Systems it was able to introduce an innovative and holistic ESL solution combined with advanced business analytics.

The solution, provided by SES-imagotag and Lancom’s wireless access points, creates a perfectly connected environment for customers thanks to connected digital price tags, using NFC technology, whilst giving retailers peace of mind as prices are always reflected accurately and can be changed in an instant. Market Hub’s analytics technology allows the staff to analyse local shopping habits to target specific products within shops.

Thanks to the system, price accuracy now exceeds 99% and manual pricing-related work has been reduced by 60 hours per store, per month – resulting in an improvement in staff morale as they are now free to focus on helping customers. Lastly, the new system has largely increased customer experience in store and resulted in EAT17 winning the IGD Innovative Store of the Year award in 2015.

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