PMRExpo 2016: Airbus enhances police operations with new Tactilon Dabat app

TARANIS Smart application, developed in co-operation with ESG, allows users to monitor operations in real time during missions

PMRExpo 2016: Airbus enhances police operations with new Tactilon Dabat app

Airbus Defence and Space, together with German company ESG, has launched a new application called TARANIS Smart for use with the Tactilon Dabat, Airbus’ handheld TETRA radio and smartphone in one device.

The application allows police officers and rescue services to monitor operations in real time during complex missions. End users can securely transfer data via LTE while still having all the mission-critical communications features of a Tetra terminal at their fingertips.

Olivier Koczan, Head of Secure Land Communications at Airbus Defence and Space, explains: “TARANIS Smart and Tactilon Dabat are complementary in terms of technology. They will provide the police with new tools to optimise their co-ordination in any operation. In a time of increasing security threats, the police need the latest innovations.”

The TARANIS Smart application shows the user their current location on a digital map, an overview of the units on the map and geo-referenced symbols on the map, chat and notifications. 

This enables police officers to communicate securely by sending videos, photos and data, whether they are on the scene or in control rooms. The app is easy to use in stress situations. TARANIS Smart also helps train police for special operations or in analysing previous exercises.

Airbus and ESG are co-operating as part of the application developer programme SamrTWISP. This Airbus Defence and Space programme allows accredited companies to benefit directly from training, sales channels, logistical help, marketing activities and new customers.


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