RF Solutions releases 700 Series modules for IoT

Variants include a LoRa-based remote control module with a 16km range and a 1km version for shorter range applications

RF Solutions releases 700 Series modules for IoT

RF Solutions has introduced the 700 Series of remote control product solutions for Internet of Things applications. Each Din Rail mounting 725 module has two switch inputs and two changeover contacts outputs; additional input and output DIN Rail modules can be added.

Employing LoRa (Long Range) spread spectrum RF IoT technology, the 725-TRX8-16K can achieve an impressive range of up to 16km, with a 1km version also available for shorter range applications.

The company said the product is a simple to use, out of the box remote telemetry system. However, it also boasts an array of comprehensive features available to the user to enable more complex remote switching.

Additional on-board features include an automatic Watchdog signal, a LED bar graph received signal strength indicator, timed outputs, etc. It can also operate in several modes of RF operation.

Design around a ‘building block’ concept, many different system configurations can be achieved including: a simple one-to-one; or a larger system incorporating multiple modules within a many-to-many configuration and additional input/output boards. An added benefit of the system is that it can be ‘daisy chained’ if a longer range needs to be achieved.

RF Solutions believes the 700 series will be a good choice for many different applications, including industrial switching, lighting control, M2M applications and so on.


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