Libelium releases new IoT Smart Cities platform

Platform aims to enhance accuracy in noise level and air quality pollution sensors to help combat climate change and to reduce the impact in citizens’ health

Libelium releases new IoT Smart Cities platform

Libelium has launched the latest version of its IoT Sensor Platform for Smart Cities, which features more accurate sound levels and air quality sensors. The sensors address current market demands of higher precision measurements.

Traffic noise and air pollution together represent the most important environmental risk factors affecting urban societies. Increased awareness of the societal burden of these factors is intensifying the efforts for effective legislation.

Alicia Asín, CEO, Libelium, said: “Up to 3.7 million people die yearly in the world due to exposure to pollution in cities. The UN Climate Change Conference COP22 is agreeing to implement climate finance to reduce gas emissions, so developed countries have a commitment to invest $100 billion annually by 2020 and the smart cities market needs accurate technology to comply with legislation.”

To meet this emerging scenario, Libelium has improved its sensor design to meet the regulations of noise and environmental control. A new set of factory-calibrated gas sensors provides the ability to calculate the AQI (Air Quality Index) according to international worldwide directives, measuring CO, NO, NO2, SO2 and dust/particle matter (PM1/PM2.5/PM10). This new generation of gas sensors offers extra accuracy in detecting variations as small as 0.1 ppm in many cases.

The new sound level sensor can be placed outdoors as it includes a waterproof microphone. It has been designed to meet the specifications of the IEC 61672 standard for sonometers with an accuracy of +/-0.5dBA.

The value given by the sensor is the Leq (Equivalent Continuous Sound Level), a magnitude used in regulations of noise control at workplaces and outdoors. The data provided by the sensor makes it easy to create sound level maps.

“The accuracy of these sensors and the fact of being wireless communicated with any Cloud platform in real time make them the perfect complement to extend the capillarity of these services in Smart Cities,” concluded David Gascón, Libelium CTO.

Libelium Plug&Sense! Smart Cities is fully certified with CE (Europe), FCC (US), IC (Canada), ANATEL (Brazil), RCM (Australia), PTCRB (US) and AT&T (US).


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