CONET offers push to talk over LTE app for smart devices

Mobile Commander App enables direct communication between smartphones, TETRA and dispatchers

CONET offers push to talk over LTE app for smart devices

CONET has introduced a push-to-talk application that will allow TETRA radios, mobile smartphones and dispatchers to communicate with each other. The new Mobile Commander App offered by German critical communication specialists CONET bridges the gap between devices and technology by offering fully secure push-to-talk functionality for smart devices via the LTE network.

Direct, fast and reliable communication between all participants is paramount in any critical communication scenario. While more and more public and private safety organisations are using TETRA and other digital radio technology to communicate, many other parties involved have so far been cut off from a direct communication with these digital radio circuits. The new app overcomes this problem.

The Mobile Commander application is a supplementary module of CONET’s Unified Communications Radio Suite (UCRS). It supports single as well as group calls, messaging and, if applicable and permitted, also geo-location services with DMR, P25, UHF/VHF, as well as major TETRA networks such as Airbus, Motorola and Rohill.

CONET intends to add many more infrastructure platforms soon. Integration into existing infrastructures and processes is easy to achieve without any need for additional tools or programming.

Mobile Commander App core functionality includes:

• PTT functionality via smartphone
• Group and single calls
• Direct calls
• Emergency calls
• Status messages
• Short data service/SDS
• Location services
• Usable via LTE and Wi-Fi
• Parallel use of TETRA voice and messaging as well as other data applications on the device.

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