Survey reveals 64% of SMBs in the USA want Wi-Fi as a Service

Wi-Fi as a subscription service of great interest to over 7 million businesses in the United States new research from iGR conducted on behalf of KodaCloud

Survey reveals 64% of SMBs in the USA want Wi-Fi as a Service

New research reveals that 64% of over 12 million small to medium enterprises in the USA are very interested in Wi-Fi as a service from managed service providers (MSPs), according to a survey conducted by iGR on behalf of KodaCloud, which offers enterprise customers Cloud Service Wi-Fi powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

“There’s a growing interest from enterprises in Network as a Service in order to reduce capital expenditures and take advantage of IT outsourcing,” said Iain Gillott, president and founder of iGR.

“The research we conducted for KodaCloud shows that the great majority of enterprises with 100 or more employees would outsource Wi-Fi, because they want to focus on the core business, or lack the IT capability in house.”

A summary of the key findings shows that:

• Up to 64% of SMBs are very interested in Wi-Fi as a Service
• 64% of larger SMBs (over 200 employees) and 61% of Medium SMBs (100-199) would outsource IT
• 60% of small SMBs provide Wi-Fi to employees only; 35% to both employees and customers
• In addition to the cost of enterprises buying Wi-Fi equipment, the cost associated with managing Wi-Fi was estimated to be between $27-30 per access point per month
• Up to 65% of SMBs show significant interest in other managed services beyond Wi-Fi.

“This research shows a strong desire for enterprises to embrace Network as a Service,” said Ronny Haraldsvik, KodaCloud’s CMO. “By offering Wi-Fi as a Service, MSPs can tap into a multi-billion dollar services opportunity for years to come with recurring revenue streams.”

KodaCloud’s service consists of a network of Wi-Fi access points (AP) that are shipped directly to customer location(s), without the need for a customer to buy equipment or a partner to manage an inventory or shipments.

A customer or partner can install and activate a Wi-Fi business network in minutes with AP-to-cloud activation using existing LAN and Internet. Without the need to buy equipment or software licenses, and for the cost of most vendors’ maintenance contracts, KodaCloud delivers and manages the networks.

The patented AI-powered cloud service reduces or removes the need for dedicated IT teams to constantly monitor or manage network interference, or respond to network alerts that identify a problem without a solution. MSPs benefit from unprecedented profit margins with KodaCloud, the company claimed.


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