ETELM unveils long range LTE base station for mission critical services

ETELM’s e-LBS base station has a longer range than existing 4G eNodeBs and has the ability to support both narrowband technologies such as TETRA and broadband LTE over a single core network

ETELM unveils long range LTE base station for mission critical services

ETELM is to introduce the e-LBS, a new eNodeB LTE base station with the longest reach ever developed for PMR 4G technology, at AfricaCom in Cape Town, South Africa (15-17 November 2016).

The e-LBS is pPart of ETELM’s 4G Linked portfolio and is being touted by the company as a major breakthrough for LTE technology in mission critical applications, such as ‘blue light’ services, as it will allow operators to boost their coverage areas from existing locations.

ETELM developed the e-LBS specifically to be compatible with existing LTE infrastructure and is also producing technologies to embrace TETRA and PMR over a single core network.

“There is a massive market globally for a PMR optimised, long range LTE base station and we are very excited to be launching this new solution next week at AfricaCom,” said Pierre Minot, president of ETELM.

“We have harnessed LTE’s multi-broadcast features to ensure the widest possible coverage area from our eNodeB cell, including group call functionality, which is so vital to mission critical users.

“Our technology is the only one on the market which provides full integration between PMR and LTE, and is designed for enterprise and mission critical LTE applications. It is ideal for operators looking to offer enterprise solutions and extend geographic coverage of their commercial networks at the same time.”

The e-LBS currently operates in the 700 MHz band (with plans for other bands like 400 MHz and 2.6 GHz coming in the near future), allowing a greater broadband coverage, significantly outperforming typical macro-cell sizes of traditional eNodeBs. It operates in a channel bandwidth of 1.4 MHz to 10 MHz and has full local or remote configuration and monitoring.

Minot continued: “The e-LBS base station is fully compliant with the LTE standard developed by 3GPP and so is compatible with any LTE core network. We have already developed a range of PMR base station products that implement the LTE protocol stack, thereby allowing our radio sites to directly and seamlessly connect to any LTE backhaul.

“In the future all operators will probably use the LTE core network, so having the ability and flexibility to directly connect both narrowband and broadband base stations onto this international standard network offers major advantages to them for inter-technology communications.”

ETELM will be exhibiting at this year’s AfricaCom on stand E4, which is part of the French Pavilion.

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