Ubiik set to drive new Weightless-P LPWAN IoT solution

Weightless SIG announces that Taiwanese company will be a new force in advanced high performance low power wide area networks for Internet of Things applications

Ubiik set to drive new Weightless-P LPWAN IoT solution

The Weightless SIG has announced the arrival of Ubiik, new flagship technology vendor behind the Weightless-P low power, wide area network (LPWAN) Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Operating out of Taiwan, the company is set to create the next wave of smarter LPWAN products and is bringing substantive disruption to the IoT technology space.

Showcased recently at CTIA in Las Vegas, Ubiik offered an early insight into its LPWAN technology, which aims to offer a step change in performance expectations. Formed from the core team responsible for the groundbreaking LPWAN technology behind the Weightless-P open standard, Ubiik aims to build the high performance, carrier grade, industrial IoT infrastructure of the future.

Based around a narrow band modulation scheme, Weightless-P offers full acknowledgement of 100% of uplink traffic for unmatched QoS in a system operating in unlicensed ISM and SRD spectrum.

The technology overcomes the severe restrictions on network capacity imposed by inefficient spread spectrum regimes and enables new levels of network performance demanded by future users.

Ubiik founder and CEO, Tien Haw Peng, commented: “From the start we assembled a world class ‘dream team’ of hardware and software professionals to work on game changing technology for the next wave of LPWAN products. The Weightless-P technology we’re about to announce is going to surprise a lot of existing technology providers.”

Fabien Petitgrand, CTO of Ubiik, added: “We set out to change IoT, to challenge what ‘clean slate’ means in reality and to build the ultimate in highest performance LPWAN technology available. We succeeded adding in every relevant, measurable parameter from capacity to QoS, reliability to energy consumption, Weightless-P is demonstrably superior to alternative LPWAN technologies.”

The core Weightless-P team at Ubiik came across from fellow Taiwanese company M2COMM, which is also championing Weightless-P technology and remains a Weightless SIG member.

However, M2COMM has a wider focus than just LPWAN as a company with a very successful electronic shelf label technology. So, the decision was made to form Ubiik at around the time that the Weightless-P specification was published late last year, to create a company with a far tighter focus on LPWAN technology (and vertical segments associated with it).

Speaking to Wireless, Professor William Webb, CEO, Weightless SIG, said: ‘M2COMM will focus on the physical layer, which its founder has expertise in, while Ubiik will concentrate on the MAC layer and develop the software stack. The outside world won’t notice much change, it’s really just a slight shift in corporate thinking and a structural change as to how the product will be realised, but it is nothing significant as far as Weightless is concerned.’

Webb anticipates that the probable route to market will be for Ubiik to produce the Weightless-P software stack. The hope is that if big silicon vendors then take an interest in Weightless-P technology they can approach Ubiik and drop the software onto their chips, while M2COMM can provide the physical layers.

This makes it a quick and easy way for large vendors to access the technology and bring large quantities of low cost chips to market at scale.

Fabien Petitgrand will be describing Weightless-P technology and significant differentiators in detail at the Wireless Congress, running concurrently with the Electronica trade show, in Munich, Germany on 10 November 2016.

Weightless Ignition Packs for the Weightless-P software development kits are available to pre-order on the Weightless website. Webb said they hope is the SDKs will be ready in December.

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