Sweden looks to upgrade Rakel TETRA network for PPDR soon

Sweden plans to retain and modernise its TETRA Rakel network as the main platform for Public Protection and Disaster Relief organisations in the future

Sweden looks to upgrade Rakel TETRA network for PPDR soon

The Swedish nationwide TETRA radio communications network Rakel (RAdioKommunikation för Effektiv Ledning) provided by Airbus Defence and Space, will be retained and upgraded as the crucial future digital platform for public security services in Sweden, according to its network operator.

This decision was revealed following the Rakel Day 2016 event, which took place in Stockholm on 6 October 2016. The event’s organiser, the Rakel and Management & Control Systems Office – part of the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency MSB – and Airbus stressed their will to get started together with the network’s extension and upgrade in the near future.

Airbus provided attendees with a view of its LTE-capable products on its stand. The 850 visitors, including police officers and rescuers, were especially interested in two features: the Tactilon Dabat, a terminal integrating a complete TETRA handheld radio and a rugged smartphone in one device (first unveiled at CCW in Amsterdam in May), and the Tactilon Agnet, a group call app for photo and video transmission.

At the same time, Rakel Day positioned itself as an important forum for the community of Public Protection and Disaster Relief in Sweden. The event at the Stockholmsmässan gathered more distributors and radio manufacturers, but also presented a larger range of products, such as repeaters, terminals and control room solutions.

In addition, Airbus reports that decision-makers in this field expressed their willingness to co-operate more closely to find efficient technical application solutions to handle emergency situations quickly and appropriately. Intensified cross-border cooperation in terms of Professional Mobile Radio interoperability in Europe would highlight this aim.

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