CommScope unveils new ultra-wideband antennas for new spectrum bands

1400 MHz base station antenna already installed by major European operator, while 600 MHz versions are ready for use in the US market with trials expected this year

CommScope unveils new ultra-wideband antennas for new spectrum bands

CommScope is introducing new ultra-wideband antennas designed to support the 1400 MHz and 600 MHz frequency bands, which are the latest spectrum being released for cellular network use. CommScope reported that it has already delivered the ultra-wideband antenna for 1400 MHz to a major European operator.

A unique feature of the new antenna is that it has separate inputs for the 1400 MHz band, enabling down-tilt for just that band, while still offering 4x2 and 4x4 MIMO capability on the 1800, 2100, 2300 and 2600 MHz bands without increasing the size of the antenna.

Many European network operators recently received licenses to operate in the 1400 MHz bands, which will help supplement downlink speeds and improve the user experience. CommScope’s ultra-wideband antenna covers the full spectrum of 1427 to 2690 MHz.

For the US market, CommScope has an ultra-wideband antenna ready for the 600 MHz bands currently being auctioned, which could serve as a ‘wide-area 5G coverage layer’. CommScope’s 600 MHz ultra-wideband antenna offers superior narrow beamwidth performance, giving it excellent pattern containment, roll off and sector overlap control.

These pattern characteristics reduce interference, boost network capacity and enable operators to get the most from their spectral investments. CommScope expects to begin trials of the 600 MHz ultra-wideband antennas this year.

In addition to supporting new spectrum, CommScope’s ultra-wideband antennas carry the major frequency bands used globally, enabling operators to provide a variety of services from the same antennas. Network operators typically need such multi-faceted network equipment in order to support the numerous wireless technologies and devices in use today.

The new antennas are required as wireless operators are adding new spectrum to their networks to increase capacity so they can keep up with ever-growing data demand. One recent report suggested that streaming audio and video content will account for 80% of network traffic by 2020. More than 20 billion Internet of Things devices could also be connected by then.

“Speed to market is a critical success factor for network operators in today’s competitive wireless industry,” said Upendra Pingle, vice president, Base Station Antennas, CommScope. “CommScope prides itself on responding to real market demand quickly, ready to help our wireless customers deploy their valuable spectrum holdings as rapidly as possible.”

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