ip.access launches update to Presence data monetisation service

New Presence solution now combines licensed, unlicensed (Wi-Fi) and Bluetooth Low Energy to provide customers with the widest range of micro-proximity data available from a single sensor

ip.access launches update to Presence data monetisation service

ip.access has launched a major upgrade of its Presence data monetisation service with the release of a new next generation sensor. The new sensor significantly expands the capabilities of ip.access’ Presence solution to unlock more value from location data for mobile operators, retailers, property owners, outdoor media companies, events and stadium operators, and fintech customers.

Presence is specifically focused on driving carrier data monetisation strategies based on micro location, and the addition of the new sensor brings new capabilities to ip.access’ unique operator data monetisation service.

The new sensor now combines licensed, unlicensed (Wi-Fi) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) data sets, delivering the most complete micro-proximity data available from a single, simple-to-deploy sensor.

Rob Jones, GM Presence, ip.access, commented: “Every carrier around the world is embracing data monetisation strategies, mainly via their macro networks, but there is no doubt that the ability to complement that capability with highly granular data can realise significant extra value and revenue.

“The new sensor means that our Presence service can now uniquely provide levels of insight to offline bricks and mortar establishments that were previously only available in the online world.”

The Presence solution is designed to unlock the full value of micro-proximity data. Presence provides fine grain location and phone identity data, resolved down to 5-10 meters or better, within indoor or urban deployment environments.

This data effortlessly provides greater insights into customer buying patterns and demographics, or can support “opt in” use cases such as SMS Push, all from the same solution.

Crucially the Presence service is delivered within a robust privacy, permissions and policy framework without the inherent flaws that limit the value Wi-Fi or beacon solutions can generate. Presence does not require device applications, user interaction or extensive macro network integration.

ip.access will be demonstrating the updated Presence service at Telco Data Analytics Europe in Madrid, 25-26 October 2016.

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