Simoco launches Xd 700 Series of DMR portable and mobile radios

Next generation radios bring full duplex calling to Digital Mobile Radio networks and can be combined with Simoco Pulse telemetry solution to provide both mission critical voice and data

Simoco launches Xd 700 Series of DMR portable and mobile radios

Simoco Group has expanded its Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) portfolio with the launch of the Simoco Xd 700 Series range of hand portable and mobile radio terminals.

The headline product is the 700 Series portable radio, the SDP760, which delivers a number of features including full duplex calling, digital and analogue operating modes and an application partner interface (API) that enables customised apps to be delivered on the device and displayed on the large HD screen.

The Simoco Xd SDP750 portable radio also includes the same features as the SDP760 and presents a compact alternative for users who don’t require an HD screen display.

The launch of the 700 series follows the unveiling of Simoco Pulse, the company’s DMR telemetry technology, earlier this year, with the two products together offering a complete solution for mission critical voice and data communications.

The 700 Series range also includes integrated dispatcher services and Push-to-Talk (PTT) smart phone functionality, ensuring an organisation’s ability to bring together a wide range of communication methods.

Mike Norfield, Simoco Group CEO, said: “Organisations across the world are under pressure to deliver seamless communications across a range of different services. The products in our 700 series enable DMR to become the foundation of mission critical communications, ensuring consistency, reliability and the ability to connect tens of thousands of sites and devices in a cost effective way.

“Our new portable radio offers a step up in functionality with the added benefit of a customisable API to bring even more applications to users. The 700 Series portable radio also brings full duplex calling into the DMR space.

“The screen is market leading with the large size and image quality being something we felt was needed to ensure great user experience, especially when it comes to running apps on the radio.”

The Simoco Xd 700 Series range also includes a digital mobile radio, the SDM730, which features full duplex audio, multiple operating modes, a large high-definition screen and a customisable API.

The unit is capable of high levels of transmission power to bring clear and reliable coverage to the edge of operational areas. The radio also features Bluetooth, which facilitates the connection of a wide range of accessories.

Simoco Xd SDP760 features
• Four operating modes - analogue conventional, analogue trunking (MPT1327), digital conventional (DMR Tier II), and digital trunking (DMR Tier III)
• Available in VHF and UHF frequency bands
• Exceptional RF performance – exceeds ETSI and TIA-603 specifications
• Full duplex calls
• 51mm High Definition (HD) Transflective TFT LCD display
• Text and status messaging
• Fully compliant with ETSI DMR standards
• MIL-STD-810 & IP67
• Market leading 1.8W audio output
• -121dBm receiver sensitivity (typical) – increase coverage area and improve audio quality
• DTMF dialling
• Group, emergency, broadcast and all-calls
• Supports man-down and lone worker alerts
• Supplementary services support
• Authentication
• Bluetooth connectivity supports wireless accessories
• Advanced noise reduction hardware for clear comms under high ambient noise conditions
• Vibration alert .

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