Adaptrum unveils ETSI compliant TV White Space technology

ACRS 2.0 product now ready to expand beyond trials to real-world commercial applications in the UK

Adaptrum unveils ETSI compliant TV White Space technology

Adaptrum, the TV white space and dynamic spectrum access technologies provider, has become the first TV white space device manufacturer to have its products independently certified as fully compliant with the European Harmonised Standard (ETSI 301 598 v1.1.1).

Testing of the Adaptrum devices was undertaken by UL, through collaboration with Nominet - which runs the first Ofcom certified TV white spaces database service in UK. Adaptrum's ACRS 2.0 product fully met the ETSI requirements and achieved Class 1 emission performance.

This class rating proved that Adaptrum devices create almost no interference in adjacent channels allowing highest efficiency spectrum sharing and enabling access to more white space frequencies at higher power levels, when compared to the devices from competing TV white space manufacturers.

"This ETSI certification of compliance paves the way for commercial applications under the new UK TVWS regulations," said Haiyun Tang, CEO of Adaptrum. "Broadband operators and wireless solution providers can now take advantage of Adaptrum TVWS connectivity solution's unrivalled range and non-line of sight performance to bring broadband to areas of the UK that have previously been regarded as uneconomic."

Dr. Pasquale Cataldi of Nominet said: "TV white space exploits unused frequencies on the radio spectrum, delivering wireless connectivity that works where no other technology does. Adaptrum radios are at the forefront of this, maximizing the use of the vacant spectrum."

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