West Midlands Fire Service deploys Edesix body-worn cameras

Edesix videobadges will record incidents and be used to review how the fire services responded

West Midlands Fire Service deploys Edesix body-worn cameras

Edesix, the UK-based body worn cameras provider, is to supply firefighters in the West Midlands Fire Service with body worn cameras. Watch commander Gemma McSweeney said the cameras would help firefighters gather information to review their responses to incidents.

The body worn cameras are now being rolled out after a successful trial at ten Birmingham fire stations earlier this year, during which a suspected gas explosion at a Birmingham home was filmed. The fire service said 80 Videobadges would be introduced in early 2017.

Richie McBride, managing director of Edesix, said: "The use of body worn cameras for identifying best practice is fast becoming fundamental within our emergency services. We are pleased to be bringing these benefits to the West Midlands Fire Service, and will be supporting the roll-out of this very exciting deployment over the coming months."

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