JLT Mobile Computers delivers rugged devices to US transport company

JLT has completed delivery of a significant number of JLT1214P forklift computers, which marks a key milestone in boosting its USA operation

JLT Mobile Computers delivers rugged devices to US transport company

JLT Mobile Computers has completed delivery of a significant order won in March 2016 for its JLT1214P rugged forklift computers placed by one of the largest transportation service providers in the world. The rugged devices will be deployed in the customer cross-dock forklifts at sites around the United States.

The company selected the Swedish-based JLT’s rugged computing solution despite fierce competition from established industry players. The deal represents a key milestone for JLT’s USA subsidiary, established in December 2014, and indicates excellent market acceptance of the JLT1214P computer, according to the company

“After opening the doors to JLT’s USA office, the organisation has worked intensely on incorporating operations, enterprise systems and processes with the Swedish organisation while maintaining business and building the momentum in the North American market,” said Eric Miller, CEO of JLT Mobile Computers. Inc. “I’m excited about this order as it is a result of our efforts and proof that our strategy to provide the best local and technical customer support in the market is paying off.”

JLT’s customer has the largest, most comprehensive transportation network in North America with local, regional, national and international capabilities. The company offers expertise in heavyweight shipments and flexible supply chain solutions, ensuring customers can ship industrial, commercial and retail goods with confidence. The JLT1214P computer will be mounted on forklifts in the customer’s cross-docks where freight is moved from one trailer onto another.

The customer’s selection of the JLT1214P computer was based on a combination of its superior performance, including processing power and Wi-Fi connectivity, and JLT’s ability to customise the solution to the specific needs of the application.

For this particular order, the JLT1214P computer was customised to make it capable of reliably interfacing with new and legacy peripherals including forklift weight scale hardware, by adding a 5V power source to the RS-232 port. JLT provided custom cabling and mounts for optimal installation, including a quick-connect power cable which eases removal of the unit for servicing.

JLT also created a customer-specific Windows Embedded image that is reliable, self-heals and is optimised for performance, along with a custom BIOS toolset that allows the customer to fully utilise its MDM solution software suite. This toolset ensures that device querying and assignment can be fully automated, without the need for user interaction.

The JLT1214P forklift computer was launched in September 2015 and has quickly gained the trust of customers within warehousing, cross-docking and other logistics applications around the world.

It features the JLT PowerTouch technology, a rugged Projective Capacitive Touch (PCT) display technology that provides a familiar, user-friendly experience comparable to modern consumer devices, both with a gloved or ungloved hand, while ensuring ruggedness, reliability and longevity in even the most demanding environments.

The PowerTouch technology is self-calibrating to adapt to different user-conditions, which increases device up-time and reliability, while increasing user productivity and lowering support costs.

This rugged logistics computer is designed with 64-bit Intel quad-core processor technology for speed and responsiveness, and it ensures multiple use-cases on a single platform for streamlined support and deployments.

The JLT1214P computer also features dual-band 802.11ac WLAN and Bluetooth EDR 4.0 capability, with both radios taking advantage of JLT’s built-in highly sensitive Planar Inverted-F Antenna (PIFA) technology, designed for reliable wireless connectivity in environments with poor coverage.

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