Weightless-P low power, wide area network IoT SDK to launch at CTIA

Weightless SIG announces Weightless-P hardware and Weightless Ignition Pack for high capacity low power wide area IoT networks and partners with antenna technology firm Antenova

Weightless-P low power, wide area network IoT SDK to launch at CTIA

The Weightless SIG announced availability of Weightless-P hardware today (1 September 2016) along with the pre-launch of a Weightless-P Software Development Kit (SDK) for Internet of Things low power, wide area networks (LPWAN).

In conjunction with Weightless vendor partner, Antenova, Weightless-P hardware is to be shown at CTIA SuperMobility in Las Vegas, 7-9 September 2016. A limited number of free Weightless-P SDKs will be made available to developers in an offer specific to the show. The hardware, dubbed the Weightless Ignition Pack, provides Weightless-P network connectivity out of the box.

Fabien Petitgrand, technical representative for the Weightless SIG explained: “We have been working for more than two years now on a technology that significantly moves the LPWAN game on." He added: “The Weightless Ignition Pack includes hardware and full Weightless-P software protocol stack combination delivering substantive improvements and competitive advantages over existing IoT connectivity options.”

The Weightless Ignition Pack (list price USD$1,500) will be made available as part of a pre-launch offer on the Weightless website with a limited number offered to Weightless Developers free of charge. Developers should visit www.try.weightless.org/ctia for full details of the offer.

The packs include a Weightless-P base station, end device modules, antennas, a full Weightless-P protocol stack for the base station, end device and host as well as all necessary cabling. The pack will enable a Weightless-P IoT network to be deployed ‘out of the box’.

Professor William Webb, CEO of the Weightless SIG, welcomed the development and commented: “We are delighted to see Weightless-P take this critical step forward in its evolution with hardware coming soon to the development community.”

On the strategic relationship with Antenova, Webb added: “The Weightless SIG is more than simply an open standards body, it is a strong and vibrant global community focused on LPWAN technology. We are delighted to be partnering with Antenova who bring world class antenna technology and capability to the Weightless ecosystem.’

Weightless-P is an Open Standard for a high capacity LPWAN, which is designed for performance. It aims to become the de facto standard for public and private IoT networks. Weightless and Antenova are natural partners and bring best in class performance antenna technology in their respective ranges.

Colin Newman, CEO of Antenova, commented: “We are delighted to be working with Weightless just now, as the new Weightless-P technology is being launched to the IoT community for the first time. We are very pleased to be offering an antenna solution for Weightless-P, which we will back with our expert antenna integration and support services.”

Weightless and Antenova can be found in the M2M Zone at CTIA SuperMobility, booth 5852.

The Weightless Special Interest Group is a global member based not-for-profit organisation that exists to manage the development of wireless connectivity technology specifically for machine communications.

Weightless offers certification, and arranges events, plugfests, discussion groups and other activities that add value to members. Weightless promotes the Weightless logo and the brand as the single way to ensure IoT devices all interoperate.

Weightless also provides a forum where members can agree on new standards prior to approaching bodies such as ETSI and can also provide non-binding recommendations on higher-layer protocols, application interfaces and so on.

Membership of the Weightless SIG is open to all companies.

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