Ericsson claims first 5G radio for massive MIMO and MU-MIMO

Ericsson says first commercial 5G radio for massive MIMO and Multi-user MIMO coming in 2017 with new roll out solution from configuration to verification in a single visit

Ericsson claims first 5G radio for massive MIMO and MU-MIMO

Ericsson has announced that commercial deployments of its 5G NR (New Radio) radio with support for massive MIMO will be coming in 2017. The solution combines Ericsson's already commercially available Radio System Baseband 5216 with the 5G Plug-Ins it unveiled in June. Ericsson claims this solution is the first to deliver all components of a 5G access network.

The AIR 6468 combines advanced antennas with a large number of steerable ports to enable 5G technologies of beamforming, Massive MIMO and, building on that, Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO). These capabilities improve user experience while enhancing the capacity and coverage of the network and reducing interference. The new radio provides LTE support as well, so it is applicable in today's networks.

A host of new additions to the Ericsson Radio System are also coming that address key 5G requirements, in today's networks, the company said.

Ericsson Radio System addresses 5G concepts

Three new radios support Gigabit speeds for LTE and provide further flexibility in design: Radio 4407 and Radio 4412 enable 4x4 MIMO in one radio unit for FDD and TDD mode respectively, and Radio 8808 for advanced TDD beamforming applications.

Addressing both the need for unlicensed spectrum options and the growing emphasis on small cells is the Radio 2205, a micro solution on unlicensed spectrum that is fully integrated in Ericsson Radio System, using the same baseband and network management. 

Two newbaseband units support the growing need for densification: the outdoor micro Baseband 6502 and macro Baseband 6303 with Ericsson Rail System mounting for flexible site builds.

Addressing interference issues in dense builds, Baseband P614 enables new band activation on challenging sites by mitigating Passive Inter Modulation, referred to as PIM mitigation, from static and dynamic sources both inside and outside the antenna system

Spectrum optimisation is a growing need and Uplink Spectrum Analyzer is an Ericsson-unique software solution to remotely identify external interference without the need for costly measurement equipment and site visits

Exclusive to Ericsson is instant power sharing, used in the wideband Radio 2242. This capability allows power to be instantly shared between carriers, standards and bands, optimising the use of radio resources.

Cloud RAN will be an important 5G network architecture andBaseband C608 provides high-performance switching in Elastic RAN deployments.

Peter Jarich, Vice President, Consumer and Infrastructure Services, Current Analysis, said: "Mobile operators, today, are clearly focused on the race to 5G commercialisation, while also continuing to invest in their existing LTE networks. 

“With a new 5G radio and LTE offerings which echo key 5G concepts - small cells, licensed-unlicensed band combinations, Cloud RAN, network densification, spectrum optimisation - Ericsson's new portfolio additions and Ericsson Radio System innovations provide a compelling way forward."

Industrialised Network Rollout Services

To support new network builds, Ericsson has also created the industry's first Industrialised Network Rollout Services solution. The Network Deployment Delivery Platform coupled with Ericsson's pioneering process facilitates the complete configuration, installation, integration, shakedown and handover of a fully verified site, ready in a single site visit.

Arun Bansal, Head of Business Unit Network Products, Ericsson, said: "Ericsson has driven innovation in every generation of mobile technology and now we are set to over-deliver on an aggressive promise.

“We are introducing the new hardware that 5G Plug-Ins, announced in June, will run on, so that the first operators can start to deploy 5G infrastructure.  And, we are also launching innovations that improve both the performance and efficiency of today's networks using concepts that will evolve into 5G."

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