Hytera launches PD98X DMR Tier III handheld radio

High end PD98X hand portable terminal features full duplex calling, single frequency repeater mode, IP68 protection and built in Bluetooth 4.0

Hytera launches PD98X DMR Tier III handheld radio

Hytera, the Professional Mobile Radio communications provider, has launched its latest DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) handheld – the PD98X. The PD98X offers an improved audio experience through noise cancellation technology, while boasting new features including full duplex calls, recording capability via Micro SD, Bluetooth 4.0 for audio or data, and single frequency repeater mode to increase coverage.

“We are proud to announce the launch of PD98X,” said G.S. Kok, Senior Vice President of Hytera. “The PD98X is a significant addition to our existing DMR radio portfolio. We have succeeded in adding a series of cutting-edge innovations and designs into this new model to make it a full-featured radio to satisfy customers' increasing demand in terms of functionality and user experience."

The addition of the PD985 further expands Hytera’s extensive DMR radio portfolio, which is designed to meet diversified end user requirements. For simple, reliable and cost-effective handsets it has the PD3 (three models) and PD4 (two models) series. The next step up are the more rugged and feature-rich PD5 (two models) and PD6 (three models) series).

The high-end, professional systems radios are covered by the PD7 (five main models including ATEX radios), the PD9 and the X1 ultra slim (two main models) series.

The whole portfolio offers display and non-display, GPS and non-GPS, UHF and VHF versions to allow customers to select the best handset for their daily operation and mission critical scenarios.

Key advanced features of PD98X include:

Full Duplex Call - PD98X enables frontline personnel to make telephony calls between other PD98X and telephones or mobile phones
Single Frequency Repeater Mode - based on interference cancellation technology, the PD98X is able to use one slot to receive a signal and another slot to transmit it in the same frequency using DMO mode to extend the communication distance
Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 - with integrated Bluetooth 4.0, the PD98X not only supports audio transmit, but also allows programming via Bluetooth
Noise Cancellation and 2.5W Audio Output - maximum 2.5W output speaker and new noise cancelling technology ensure clear and loud voice communication.
IP68 Protection - complies with the highest dust and waterproof standards, to confront the harshest environments; the radio continues to function after submersion down to 2 meters for up to 4 hours
Smart Battery - this feature makes it easier to monitor the battery status, such as battery life time and charging time; it reduces charging time ‘dramatically’
Audio Recording via Micro SD Card - the PD98X supports up to a 32GB Micro SD card, to record up to 576 hours digital/analogue audio.

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