SIGFOX rolls out low power wide area IoT network in Colombia

Partners with WND and Phaxsi Solutions to provide LPWA Internet of Things network infrastructure; Columbia is third Latin American country after Brazil and Mexico to deploy SIGFOX

SIGFOX rolls out low power wide area IoT network in Colombia

SIGFOX has teamed up with WND and Phaxsi Solutions to deploy its low power, wide area network IoT technology in Colombia. WND is the company extending SIGFOX’s network across Latin America, while the rollout is being managed by Phaxsi Solutions, which will be the exclusive SIGFOX network operator in Colombia.

The new deployment coincides with the launch of a nationwide alliance of universities, technology leaders and companies known as the Center of Excellence and Appropriation of Internet of Things (CEA-IoT). The alliance received an initial investment of $1.8 million this year to promote the IoT as a tool for strengthening Colombia’s economic development.

“This is a very timely launch of SIGFOX’s network in Colombia on many levels,” said Carolina Campo, Phaxsi CEO and co-founder. “First, its light infrastructure enables Phaxsi to quickly and simply connect Colombian businesses and citizens to the IoT.

“Second, our goal is to work with the national alliance to sustainably develop, consolidate and grow the IoT market in Colombia. Finally, the arrival of this global connectivity solution opens the door to new economically competitive and energy-efficient services for Colombian businesses. These will deliver a significant, positive impact for the Colombian economy.”

She said likely IoT use cases and applications for companies and government agencies include logistics, supply-chain management, asset-tracking, crop and soil monitoring, alarm systems for homes and businesses, smoke detectors, smart-city apps and utility meter reading.

Colombia is the third Latin American nation to roll out a SIFOX network following Brazil and Mexico earlier this year, and it is the 24th globally. With Brazil and Mexico, Colombia’s deployment, which has already begun, will extend SIGFOX coverage to 57% of Latin America’s territory and 60% of its population.

Phaxsi Solutions is collaborating with WND, the SIGFOX partner founded in 2015 to deploy the network throughout Latin America, to provide IoT connectivity in Colombia. The partners said the country’s top 10 urban areas, representing more than 50% of the country’s population, will be covered by mid-2017.

Chris Bataillard, founder of WND, said: “We are eager to develop Colombia with Phaxsi, which has a strong strategic mix of radio experience and entrepreneurial spirit required to quickly deliver the many benefits of the IoT to the people of Colombia. And we see many application, hardware and ecosystem synergies across the region that already includes Colombia, Mexico and Brazil.”

Rodolphe Baronnet-Frugès, SIGFOX executive vice president networks and operators, said SIGFOX’s economical and reliable connectivity solution will help overcome infrastructure and cost barriers for IoT adoption in Colombia. In addition, the company’s global ecosystem of partners, such as component and device manufacturers, IT developers and integrators, will help quickly grow Colombia’s IoT ecosystem, according to the company.

“Colombia is a very promising setting for rapid IoT adoption because public and private groups recognize the key role the IoT can play in the creation of new companies, improved efficiencies for businesses and new services for citizens,” said Baronnet-Frugès.

“SIGFOX will work with WND and Phaxsi Solutions to quickly build the local ecosystem of hardware manufacturers, solution makers, start-ups and others to rapidly realize these benefits for Colombians. As we have demonstrated in every country where our network operates, SIGFOX makes possible what was not possible before.”

The company, which also recently announced deployments in Singapore and Taiwan as part of its mission of building a global, seamless IoT network, has set a goal of deploying in 30 countries in 2016. In Latin America, WND and SIGFOX are actively developing opportunities, and expect to cover the whole region in the coming quarters.

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