Z-Wave Smart Home products on show at IFA 2016

Presentation designed to emphasise the product diversity and role of Z-Wave as a Smart Home standard; LED-Stripe and Rain sensor are first Z-Wave devices of their kind

Z-Wave Smart Home products on show at IFA 2016

Z-Wave Europe, the biggest distributor for Z-Wave devices, is presenting the wireless smart home technology at IFA in Berlin, Germany (2-7 September 2016) with more than 15 exhibitors at the Z-Wave Alliance community booth, along with more exhibitors showing products in with their own booths.

The Z-Wave Alliance is seeking to promote the role of Z-Wave as an open home automation standard. It argues that in contrast to isolated solutions and non-compatible generations of other smart home technologies, Z-Wave allows a network, which is completely independent from the vendor.

Among the products on show are: Rain sensor, LED-Stripe and Panic Button. The company Popp & Co. will present the first Z-Wave Rain sensor - Z-Rain. It will also show the all new Popp HUB - a gateway for the connected home. The Alliance claims that the HUB is one of the safest smart home gateways in the world - a fact it says is confirmed by the AV-Test institute.

Fibaro, a company with a wide portfolio of Z-Wave devices in modern designs, is expanding its portfolio with the ‘Button’. The device is available in 8 different colours and could be used as panic button or as a scene control for more complex applications. The button can also recognize a one to five times press and a holding down of the button.

The American-Chinese manufacturer Aeotec (Aeon Labs) will present the world’s first LED-Stripe with Z-Wave control function. It will show a wall switch with a glass surface. The smart home company TKB will present a new wall thermostat, as well as a new wall switch.

French company Swiid will present a new smart remote control, which is able to control Z-Wave and IR-based devices. Users can not only control their TV or Blue Ray Player, but also all the shutters, lights and heating systems with one remote control device.

Another device already on sale is the Z-Uno programmable microcontroller developed by Z-Wave.Me. The Z-Uno enables customers to upgrade random devices to wireless Z-Wave devices. The Z-Uno can therefore be used as a switch or sensor in the Z-Wave network.


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