Brazilian police rely on Airbus Tetrapol technology for Olympic Games 2016

Additional network infrastructure secures the communication among Brazilian and international security forces in numerous venues

Brazilian police rely on Airbus Tetrapol technology for Olympic Games 2016

The Brazilian Federal Police have deployed Tetrapol radio communications equipment from Airbus Defence and Space to protect the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. The existing Rio network implemented by Airbus has complete coverage in all the key locations, including the main venues, such as Maracanã (pictured) and the Olympic village, the airports and the main routes of the city.

In addition, radio communication for public protection agencies is available within the venues and the basement of Maracanã. The network also covers stadiums in the cities of Brasília, São Paulo, Salvador, Belo Horizonte and Manaus where football matches are taking place as part of the Olympics. Federal Police officers based there are interconnected with the central Federal Police coordination unit of the Games in Rio de Janeiro.

The radio system in Rio consists of 11 Tetrapol base stations with eight channels supporting more than 2,000 Airbus TPH700 terminals being used simultaneously in more than 40 conversation groups. There is also additional infrastructure of core equipment and communication links in order to have good network capacity.

“Tetrapol is the official means of communication for all Federal Police staff involved in the operation. All our officers will be coordinated through Tetrapol, including the assault and intelligence team. Helicopters, boats and tactical vehicles also are equipped with mobile Tetrapol terminals. Therefore, Tetrapol has met our expectations,” said Aluisio Sardinha, Coordinator of Federal Police Tetrapol operations in Rio de Janeiro.

The Federal Police is also cooperating with more than 50 foreign security forces to ensure the safety of the athletes and visitors. The Tetrapol system is integrated with the radio network of other forces. Therefore, the Command and Control Unit of the Rio de Janeiro Public Safety Secretary manages all communications between the various agencies involved.

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