Asia Pacific Telecom launches multi-network IoT platform in Taiwan

IoT by Gt Smart Life powered by Actility’s ThingPark LoRa LPWAN IoT platform has been combined with APT’s existing 4G network to turn Taiwan into a ‘Smart Island’

Asia Pacific Telecom launches multi-network IoT platform in Taiwan

Asia Pacific Telecom has launched Taiwan's first IoT dual-network multi-platform, called IoT by Gt Smart Life, which includes a LoRa low power wide area network (LPWAN) and an existing 4G LTE network. The multi-platform is the result of more than two years of research and development.

Since the launch of Gt 4g, Asia-Pacific Telecom (APT) has been evolving into a non-traditional telecommunications company, with a commitment to develop a Smart Life and an IoT platform to build Taiwan into a Smart Island.

Local and international firms have worked together to deliver the collaboration. Within the IoT by Gt Smart Life platform, Foxconn Technology Group provides the hardware, FH-Net deploys the LoRa IoT network, and APT is responsible for the vital domain of application development and service delivery.

Key partners include domestic and overseas manufacturers, such as Actility, IBM, Semtech, Cisco, Advantech and Shin Kong Security, spanning the midstream and downstream industries of wafers, platforms and terminals. Those who become a Certified IoT by Gt Smart Life Partner are entitled to free use of the LoRa network, implementing a shared economy.

APT has broken with telecommunications tradition in building Taiwan's first IoT dual network, using the LPWAN communications protocol in combination with the APT 4G LTE network, to support a wide variety of applications across a range of industries. APT has already rolled out 500 LoRaWAN hotspots, supporting Taiwan's first IoT network for Greater Taipei and Taoyuan.

Responding to service requirements for solutions covering the entire island, Taiwan will be able to develop fully into a ‘Smart Island’ by the end of 2016. By 2020, IoT ecosystem partners in Taiwan are expected to have delivered hundreds of millions of networked devices, which will allow Taiwan to become the exemplary IoT nation, and expand into overseas markets.

Taiwan's first IoT dual-network multi-platform
The IoT by Gt dual-network platform supports both networks of LoRa hotspots and the existing 4G LTE, integrating partners such Cisco, Jasper, Actility, and IBM Bluemix into this dual-network. It provides developers with a variety of IoT solutions and accelerates application innovation. Actility’s ThingPark IoT solution is at the heart of this platform. Actility is a technology innovator and industry leader in LPWA. ThingPark is its next generation standards-compliant IoT platform.

Olivier Hersent, founder and CTO of Actility, comments: “Actility is proud to be working with FH-Net and APT to deliver this large-scale, fully operational LPWA roll-out, which immediately catapults Taipei to the forefront of the world’s leading IoT cities. We see this as a great opportunity to be at the heart of one of the most exciting IoT markets, which is preparing for explosive growth, and we look forward to continuing to work with APT to deploy new services and capabilities within the platform.”

First demonstration applications launched
The IoT by Gt platform solution has already launched the first demonstration applications in the shape of Smart City and Tracking Service offerings.

Smart City Application: Using LoRa terminal devices, Energy Management Systems and Yung Loong Engineering will launch smart water/electricity/gas meters with instant meter reading, history and anomaly warnings.

In addition, the Security Institute of Science and Technology has launched a Smart Water Level Gauge. The smart water level gauge integrates data transmission from water level gauge, solar charging and a cloud data platform, dramatically reducing the construction of monitoring stations and maintenance and operation costs.

Tracking Service: This uses LoRa IoT to track vehicles, goods and pets to send instant location and provide geo-fenced alerts. Examples include the LoRa Multipurpose Tracker, designed and developed by Foxconn Technology Group, weighing only 21 grams and combining GPS and Wi-Fi.

It is available for indoor and outdoor positioning; it also combines a customised location based system for real-time tracking. Added to this are multiple functions such as Path History, Electronic Fence, and Tracking Management, combining LoRa and tracking services.

In addition to the demonstrated Smart City Applications and Tracking Service, IoT by Gt can be extended to Internet of Vehicles, Smart Factories, Smart Agriculture, Smart Home and other domains. IoT by Gt will support developers implementing innovative applications and create industry development opportunities for the new IoT generation in Taiwan.

LoRa Alliance
Almost 400 institutions or companies, with over 20 telecom providers, are member of the LoRa Alliance. Founded by Actility, Cisco, IBM, Semtech, Microchip and other technology leaders in 2015, the LoRa Alliance is an open, non-profit organisation designed to promote the implementation of LoRaWAN as a long-range, low-cost and low-power consumption wide-area networking technology for IoT.

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