medAI brings value of personal AI to digital health and wellness sector

Initiative enables health product companies to use Neura’s personal Artificial Intelligence service to enhance their existing solutions without users having to compromise on personal data ownership

medAI brings value of personal AI to digital health and wellness sector

A new digital health and wellness solution was launched this week (4 August 2016) aimed at bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered customer personalisation to the health and wellness sector. The newly established medAI initiative allows medAI participants to adapt their health and wellness products in a meaningful and personalised way to every individual who uses them.

medAI was launched in partnership with Neura, the personal AI service, which has offices in California and Israel. By integrating Neura, products unlock the potential of interactions by analyzing the user’s tech ecosystems, activities, habits and metrics to provide insights and knowledge that enriches products with contextual awareness.

The initiative is designed to showcase the breadth of challenges products overcome when the relationship with users includes more than just button pushing and impersonal automation scenarios. From alerts triggered by moments such as waking up, to autonomously painting a comprehensive picture in an emergency scenario.

Neura, whose AI serves as the backbone of the initiative, operates under a new paradigm of privacy. Users, fully in control of their account, decide what products have access to the insights that were generated by the AI – with the raw data never exposed.  The aforementioned insights include historical profiles and habits, as well as real-time insights about the user’s life.

“Innovations in digital health and wellness are redefining how we take care of ourselves and our families,” said Neura founder, Ori Shaashua. “We are excited to bring our personal AI service to such diverse solutions, united by their desire to help people lead healthier, better lives. The value that this collaboration delivers to digital health consumers and medical care providers is unprecedented in scope, meaning and level of personalization.”

medAI participating companies include:

Alert by Helparound is a phone-based emergency button which conference calls pre-set contacts. The service Alert gives a holistic view about the context in which the button was pressed (i.e. Was the user driving? Running? Idle at home?).

Medisafe is a patient-centric medication management platform will tie reminders and notifications to specific events throughout the user’s day, simplifying the entire medication administration process.

HelloHeart is blood pressure monitor that knows to ask the user to measure their blood pressure when they’re actually going to be receptive to the reminder.

MyDays is a personal ovulation tracker that enables users to effortlessly map out their cycles.

Upright is a wearable trainer that helps users adopt better posture and will know when you have arrive at your workplace, and are able to have a training session.

Bosco is a cyberbullying detector that detects elevated stress levels by monitoring smartphone activity and discreetly alerting parents.

Bitbite is a wearable diet monitor that analyzes and helps users change their eating habits.

EliteHRV is a precise heart rate monitor that identifies positive and negative patterns, allowing users to create optimal fitness regimens.

TempDrop provides better fertility-related insights by correlating data from its wearable smart sensor with information about the user’s habits and activities.

Cooey is a health monitoring platform that enables users to collect, analyze, and share their medical information with relevant medical professionals.

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