Airbus collaborates with Facewatch for radio-based anti-crime apps

New apps such as watchlists, facial recognition tools and ANPR systems on the Tactilon Dabat radio will help police and enterprise security personnel combat crime

Airbus collaborates with Facewatch for radio-based anti-crime apps

Airbus Defence and Space is collaborating with Facewatch to add new applications to its Tactilon Dabat radio, which will help law enforcement officers recognise suspects more easily and potentially increase convictions.

The Tactilon Dabat is Airbus’ new TETRA handheld radio with camera and a rugged smartphone in one device. It allows secure communication in standard TETRA networks and in an LTE environment. To exploit the device in the best way, the Facewatch mobile solution will be available for the Tactilon Dabat in 2017.

With these apps at hand, both police officers on the move and security personnel in enterprises can share complex information and verify suspects with given picture databases in real time. They can take photos or videos and exchange visual data securely.

“This method of investigation is unique, because Facewatch apps on the Tactilon Dabat enhance crime analyses and optimise the collaboration among police officers and various security services,” explains Nick Koiza, Global Head of Applications of Facewatch. He added that crime can be safely reduced at comparatively low costs as a result of Tactilon Dabat’s winning combination with Facewatch products.

Facewatch provides multi-agency and governmental intelligence about criminals on an independent web-platform. Thanks to this infrastructure, end-users can utilise watchlists, facial recognition tools and a so-called ‘Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system’.

All information converges on a single platform and is instantly disposable as it improves investigations for users in the field or in control rooms. Acknowledged internationally, Facewatch has been successfully collaborating with the police in the UK and private businesses.

The integration of third party applications into TETRA networks is possible thanks to Airbus’ TWISP developer community. The TWISP partnership programme plays an important part in enhancing the company’s overall secure Professional Mobile Radio technology offering.

Airbus said it will continue to expand the number of partners and applications for its devices, creating more value to users. “We are always looking out for best of breed Apps partners. Those who are interested in becoming part of the TWISP eco-system membership are invited to contact us at,” said Stuart Will, Director of Channel Management of Secure Land Communications at Airbus Defence and Space.

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