AMIHO unveils IoT bridging function between LoRa and Wireless Meter-Bus

Solution overcomes the need to install two separate modules and enables modules to receive in Wireless Meter-Bus and transmit in LoRa and vice versa

AMIHO unveils IoT bridging function between LoRa and Wireless Meter-Bus

AMIHO Technology has introduced new features for its embedded LoRa and Wireless Meter-Bus radio software stacks for the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart metering.

Initially available on the AM093 Dual Band LoRa and Wireless Meter-Bus modules and evaluation kit, AMIHO has added a demonstration bridging feature which enables the AM093 modules to receive in Wireless Meter-Bus, and transmit in LoRa – one of the low power wide area network (LPWAN) IoT standards.

It is also possible in reverse (receive LoRa and send in Wireless Meter-Bus) and to receive at one frequency (868MHz) and send in another (169 MHZ).

This innovation enables a single module to bridge between Wireless Meter-Bus and LoRa and is ideal in applications such as smart metering, where the meter can send a signal in Wireless Meter-Bus to a concentrator where the bridging function is deployed. The concentrator can then send the signal on in LoRa, which will extend the range of the transmission.

Technical director Steve Clarke said: “We have been asked to provide a bridging function by customers for a number of applications where they currently have to use two separate modules to get a similar outcome. Our solution is elegant and uses our existing hardware. It can be demonstrated with our AE093 evaluation kit along with a smart meter or other device transmitting in Wireless Meter-Bus, for example.”

The new bridge function will be demonstrated at the LoRa Alliance All Members Meeting and Open Market on 20 and 21 July in Munich.

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