Ericsson and Vodafone Ireland demo uplink speeds of 136Mbps

Ericsson networks software upgrade increases Vodafone Ireland uplink speeds by 200% enabling smartphones to upload data up to three times faster on enabled devices

Ericsson and Vodafone Ireland demo uplink speeds of 136Mbps

Vodafone Ireland has increased uplink speeds by 200% address using Ericsson uplink carrier aggregation (CA) and 64 QAM modulation technology. Uplink speeds of 136Mbps have been achieved in Vodafone Ireland’s commercial network.

The Ericsson Networks Software feature uplink carrier aggregation was implemented using LTE FDD 40 MHz (two 20 MHz carriers) together with 64 QAM in the Vodafone network in Dublin, Ireland.

The result was a 200% improvement compared with current uplink performance, with the ability to deliver peak throughputs of up to 150 Mbps. The demonstration also featured the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with X12 LTE.

Mobile networks are essentially designed be asymmetric with far more traffic carried on the down link. But increased social sharing and video uploads are driving the need for higher uplink performance for smartphone users across the network.

At the same time, growing adoption of Enterprise cloud applications for unified communications, especially video-conferencing apps, are driving uplink requirements for both remote and onsite workers.

Per Narvinger, Head of Radio Access Network at Ericsson, said: “LTE is a powerful mobile technology that is consistently evolving to meet growing demand from both smartphones users and, increasingly, the Internet of Things or IOT.

“By working with leading operators like Vodafone, Ericsson is able to quickly apply our software-based performance enhancements, like uplink carrier aggregation, in commercial networks, to ensure fast time-to-market.

“Operators increasingly differentiate themselves by improving the app coverage experience for their customers, so gaining the first-mover advantage on new features is critical.”

Enrico Salvatori, president, Qualcomm Europe, said: “Now, consumers with a mobile device powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with X12 LTE can utilise uplink enhancing technologies to upload content from their mobile devices up to three times faster, while also delivering improved functionality for users in the network.”


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