Santa Cruz gets gigabit broadband with Siklu mmWave wireless tech

Siklu millimetre wave wireless technology provides last mile link with Curzio Internet fibre network to provide Santa Cruz residents and business with gigabit broadband network

Santa Cruz gets gigabit broadband with Siklu mmWave wireless tech

Siklu Communication millimetre wave (mmWave) wireless technology has been used to connect residents in the US city of Santa Cruz to existing fibre networks enabling gigabit speeds. The project was undertaken in conjunction with Cruzio Internet and the City of Santa Cruz.

The Santa Cruz network uses Siklu mmWave (60, 70/80 GHz bands) radios that attach to the existing Cruzio Internet fibre network. According to Siklu, the speed of deployment is largely the result of the ease of installation of the radios, which can attach to building facades, rooftops and poles to create a network that is able to reach all forms of residential and business buildings.

The network installation allows the wireless fibre connection to bridge barriers that otherwise make the last mile of deployment the most expensive of any traditional fibre rollout.

The first-of-its-kind broadband network deployment was completed in record time - just three months after announcing the project. Siklu argues that the project represents the next frontier in the gigabit race where ultra-high speed and reliable bandwidth networks can connect customers within weeks, not years, of project announcements.

The partnership brings gigabit Internet speeds to local residents, businesses and community sites, serving 8,000 homes and businesses throughout Santa Cruz,

“Being able to provide gigabit wireless services at key locations throughout the city is tremendously valuable to our community,” said City of Santa Cruz mayor Cynthia Mathews. “As a member of Next Century Cities, we believe partnerships like this one help empower communities and lets us continue as a gigabit leader.”

With the project now operational, community anchor institutions can get gigabit service quickly and inexpensively, serving as a national example of how hybrid fibre-wireless networks can be a disruptive model for providing Gigabit-to-the-Home.

The Santa Cruz network brings gigabit service to Louden Nelson Community Center, the Civic Auditorium, the Tannery Arts Lofts affordable housing and City Hall, among other business and residential sites.

“Santa Cruz is one of many cities that are using Siklu radios in new ways to bring gigabit broadband to their communities in record time,” said Izik Kirshenbaum, founder and chairman of Siklu. “Although in its infancy, mmWave technology is rapidly becoming the go to resource for providers looking for an affordable way to get to a gigabit.”

“This technology is game-changing!” said Peggy Dolgenos, president and co-CEO of Cruzio. “Just three months ago we were announcing this partnership, and now we already have a long list of customers and community partners benefiting.”

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