Cambium unveils wireless access point with Massive MU-MIMO technology

New PMP 450m AP offers network operators the ability to offer 5G like Internet connections to significantly more people and help eliminate the digital divide

Cambium unveils wireless access point with Massive MU-MIMO technology

Cambium Networks has launched the PMP 450m wireless access point, which uses the company’s cnMedusa Massive Multi-user, multiple-input multiple-output (MU-MIMO) technology.

The PMP 450m is the first Cambium product to include the cnMedusa technology, which will allow network operators to offer 5G like speeds surpassing DSL and cable while offering throughput comparable to fibre, according to the company.

Cambium argues that consumer demand for streaming media like Netflix, the need to support symmetric traffic required of Cloud based services, and provide higher capacity service level agreements are driving the need for this innovation.

Cambium’s cnMedusa claims to be the first commercially available MU-MIMO platform for fixed wireless broadband. The 14x14 integrated antenna array exceeds both 802.11ac Wave 2 and LTE-A planned implementation of 8x8, and yields the ability to support up to seven simultaneous carrier chains.

The spectral efficiency of the cnMedusa-enabled PMP 450m product allows wireless services providers to offer triple play services to existing subscribers, and add new customers, without requiring additional scarce and expensive spectrum.

Developed over the course of three years at Cambium Labs, cnMedusa’s Massive MU-MIMO technology offers a three-to-four times increase in network capacity and groundbreaking spectral efficiency in the field proven PMP 450 wireless broadband platform, while being managed from a single pane of glass in the cloud.

“cnMedusa will allow us to bring ultra broadband services at competitive prices to outdoor deployments we never could have reached previously,” said Luca Spada, president and CEO of Eolo SpA, the Italian provider of ultra-broadband services for residential and businesses sectors.

“The Massive MIMO technology in the PMP 450m allows us to build on our current deployments, using the same spectrum and subscriber equipment as before, while increasing throughput to existing customers with bandwidth to support network expansion.”

“The introduction of cnMedusa marks a shift in the way people access the Internet: wireless networks are becoming faster than wired ones,” said Atul Bhatnagar, president and CEO of Cambium Networks.

“Massive Multi-User MIMO allows fixed wireless network operators to offer industry-leading cost, scalability and reach advantages – particularly in traditionally underserved areas – with speeds and reliability exceeding wired networks.

“This capability allows people in nearly any location to experience the media-rich content they expect, even in sparsely populated and difficult to reach areas of the world.”

The PMP 450m AP with cnMedusa technology includes:

Massive MU-MIMO: combining beamforming and multiple RF chains yields more than 3X throughput, simply by changing the AP hardware
Multiple RF chains: 14 x 14 MIMO system allows simultaneous communication to up to seven subscriber modules (SMs)
Integrated 90° sector beam-forming antenna array: brings smart beamforming to the 450 platform; zero RF cables to connect or weatherproof; reduces operating expenses in installation and recurring tower fees
Integrated radio: with only a single cable connection
Increased capacity: the PMP 450m can provide more than 400 Mbps actual usable throughput per sector, and communicate with up to seven simultaneously
Spectral efficiency: PMP 450m delivers >400 Mbps actual throughput in a 20 MHz channel (20+ bps/Hz, and over 40 bps/Hz when deployed in frequency re-use configurations).
Investment protection: PMP 450m is fully compatible with PMP 450 subscriber modules (SM) in an existing network.
Multiple I/O options: AUX port (second Ethernet port) with multiple functions allow for greater flexibility of deployment. A SFP port also available for optical connection
Wideband radio: one SKU to allow operation in all 5GHz unlicensed bands.

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