Simoco expands Digital Mobile Radio telemetry solution

New advanced data modem and integrated RTU for Pulse AIR Pro and ELITE models increases the portfolio’s SCADA capabilities

Simoco expands Digital Mobile Radio telemetry solution

Mission critical communications expert Simoco has expanded its Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) telemetry portfolio by launching two new devices.

The Simoco Pulse solution, which enables organisations to manage and control networks across vast operational areas by ensuring the reliable communication of low band data, has been expanded with the release of the Pulse AIR Pro advanced data modem and the Pulse ELITE (pictured) integrated remote telemetry unit (RTU).

Building on the initial Simoco Pulse AIR data modem, which is specifically designed for customers who have equipment using only DNP3 protocol and the DNP3 gateway, the Pulse AIR Pro is a fully protocol featured data modem compatible with a large range of customer RTU equipment. The product is also further enhanced with a web based programming tool.

The Pulse ELITE is a fully integrated RTU with digital and analogue inputs for the collection of data and status information from a variety of equipment in the utilities sector such as pumps, meters, switchgear and PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers). The ELITE is available in a number of configurations depending on organisational requirements.

Data gathered through the Simoco Pulse solution can be used to indicate network performance and outages and operate assets remotely, giving greater insight and control to companies such as utilities providers, including water utilities, as well as those controlling systems in the oil and gas sectors and the transport industry.

Mike Norfield, Simoco Group CEO, said: “By expanding the Simoco Pulse portfolio we are bringing increased functionality to a wide range of organisations looking to ensure mission critical telemetry communications. The new products also mean customers can chose the solution that fits most with their current infrastructure set-ups and future needs.

“Whether an organisation already has remote telemetry units in place, or requires full RTU capabilities installing, Simoco Pulse represents a cost effective way of connecting tens of thousands of sites and devices and ensuring the ability to constantly monitor and control networks and assets.”

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