Sierra Wireless launches LTE-A vehicle router for critical comms users

AirLink MP70 Vehicle Router solves challenge of connecting multiple high-bandwidth in-vehicle applications with LTE Advanced, Gigabit Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity

 Sierra Wireless launches LTE-A vehicle router for critical comms users

Sierra Wireless today (17 May 2016) announced availability of the AirLink MP70, an LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) vehicle router for mission critical applications in public safety (police, fire, ambulance), public transportation and field services.

The router is designed to meet the requirements of mobile workforces who need to connect more technology in and around their vehicles to enhance safety and responsiveness. In particular, it supports wearables and device connectivity for emergency services personnel when they’re out on calls and at the scene of an incident. 

The MP70 serves as a purpose-built, high-performance vehicle networking solution, which enables multiple high-bandwidth applications to work simultaneously, more than 10 times faster and four times further from the vehicle than ever before, according to Sierra Wireless.

The MP70 is the industry’s first router with a high performance vehicle area network accessible via Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit Wi-Fi and 300 mbps LTE-A to connect multiple applications in and around the vehicle.

It has an integrated events engine, built-in vehicle I/O and support for AirLink Vehicle Telemetry to enable advanced awareness and instant insight into vehicle diagnostics, connected mobile assets, fleet operations and the workforce.

The MP70 also provides GNSS and inertial navigation (activated in an upcoming software release), enabling superior vehicle location accuracy, even when out of satellite coverage. Purpose-built for vehicles, the AirLink MP70 is aimed at ensuring superior reliability and continuous operation in harsh environments and is designed to survive extreme transient surges as well as performing in noisy vehicle power environments.

It also provides IT departments with the flexibility to manage fleet and mobile assets in the cloud or on-premises using Sierra Wireless AirLink Network Management solutions. An entire fleet of AirLink MP70 routers, field applications and mobile assets can be remotely managed, controlled and monitored over a centralised platform using AirLink Network Management.

Available as a hosted, cloud-based service, or as a licensed software platform in the enterprise data centre, AirLink Network Management solutions allow organisations to increase efficiency and lower maintenance costs by up to 90%, the company claimed.

“First responders and field services teams need access to uncompromised connectivity at all times, and that’s central to all of our LTE networking solutions,” said Jason Krause, senior vice president and general manager, Enterprise Solutions for Sierra Wireless.

“Using the MP70, mobile workers can communicate as seamlessly from in and around their vehicle as they could in their office. This allows them to perform critical duties onsite more efficiently, and ultimately respond more quickly in the field.”

For example, a typical law enforcement vehicle hosts a laptop for dispatch and records management, an electronic citation system, live digital video surveillance, body-worn cameras and automated license plate recognition (ALPR) systems.

With the MP70, all of these systems can connect to a high-speed vehicle area network, with both gigabit Ethernet and 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and share a secure cellular connection that enables the dispatcher to access all of the systems in real time.

“We trialled the MP70 router to connect our in-vehicle computers and provide a Wi-Fi hotspot for our team to access critical database records onsite in real time during emergencies,” said Lieutenant Greg Katz, Billerica MA Police Department in the US.

“Right out of the box, we were impressed by the MP70’s top-notch, ruggedised form factor—with hardened aluminium casing, it’s clearly designed for turbulent vehicle environments.

“We are also very impressed with its reliable LTE connectivity and, because it offers 4-port Gigabit Ethernet, we will be able to support more in-vehicle equipment, such as video cameras and ALPR, bringing the full functionality of our office network to our patrol officers.”

Special Launch Promotion
The list price for the MP70 is $1,049 USD, which includes AirLink Management Service (ALMS) for three years with orders placed in 2016. The pricing in euros is 786 EUR (no Wi-Fi) & 873 EUR (Wi-Fi). The AirLink MP70 is commercially available today through Sierra Wireless’s authorised channel partners.

Sierra Wireless will be exhibiting at Critical Communications World 31 May to 2 June in Amsterdam, Netherlands, booth A.24A. There will be a live demonstration of the AirLink MP70 at this event. Click here for more information.   

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