Ruckus Wi-Fi equipment deployed in Africa’s largest mall

VAST Networks and Ruckus Wireless install Wi-Fi network in Mall of Africa, which features 130,000 sq m of retail space with over 300 shops

Ruckus Wi-Fi equipment deployed in Africa’s largest mall

VAST Networks, South Africa’s first open-access Wi-Fi network, along with equipment provider Ruckus Wireless, have deployed a Wi-Fi network in the continent's largest mall, the ‘Mall of Africa’, in Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa, which opens today (28 April 2016).

The two companies claimed that Wi-Fi on this scale has never been delivered before on the continent, marking yet another African first for VAST Networks. The teams installed more than one thousand Ruckus access points and the network backbone to deliver the Wi-Fi service.

VAST Networks CEO, Grant Marais, said: “A deployment of this scale is a massive undertaking by world standards and an African first which we are very proud of. We are ready to go and cannot wait for visitors to enjoy a Wi-Fi experience that will support any requirements, be it surfing, streaming, downloading large files or simply staying connected to their world.”

To meet a challenge of this nature, VAST Networks planned the roll-out with its partners, including Ruckus Wireless, for more than a year, with technicians working on the site for nearly six months making sure that once the mall opens, users experience a good quality Wi-Fi service.

Riaan Graham, sales director at Ruckus Wireless sub-Saharan Africa, commented: “The Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi solution deployed at Mall of Africa is a future-ready network that delivers increased device density and wireless monetisation opportunities for retailers. The technology provides maximum signal coverage, throughput and network capacity in a high-density area.”

At more than 130,000 square meters of retail space, the Mall of Africa required a solution that could not only handle the capacity requirements of more than 300 shops and thousands of anticipated daily visitors, but also cope with ever growing data demand.

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