Cobham deploys DAS on super yacht for 3G and 4G coverage

Cobham Wireless’ DAS system installed on luxury super yacht to provide 3G and 4G LTE services to passengers and crew up to 50km from the coast

Cobham deploys DAS on super yacht for 3G and 4G coverage

Cobham Wireless has installed its digital DAS (Distributed Antenna System) on to a super yacht to deliver LTE coverage as part of a pioneering project. This enables crew and passengers to access LTE coverage up to 50km from the shoreline without the need to use expensive and service-limiting IP-over-satellite technology.

While satellite will remain the primary method for communications in open water, when vessels are closer to the coast, DAS can connect to the cellular signal from the land to provide seamless and reliable voice and data services. Using DAS offers cost savings and reduces latency compared with satellite technology.

The system has has the potential to be used on any sea faring craft that spends significant periods close to the coastline. Using an external multiband donor antenna positioned outside of the yacht, Cobham’s DIGImini booster moves the capacity to an internal antenna which provides coverage using SIM cards from three different networks. The system is configured to enable a seamless switch to satellite services when the cellular signal falls below a pre-set level.

Hebert Sedas, director of sales, Cobham Wireless Latin America said: “DAS amplification systems have the potential to set a new standard in marine communications technology, expanding the availability of voice and data services away from being exclusively used for traffic deemed to be high priority.”

Ian Langley, SVP and GM, Cobham Wireless, added: “Cobham Wireless’ technical experts have a long history of developing solutions to enable access to communications services in the most challenging of environments. By utilising some of the solutions already adopted by the world’s leading mobile operators and network infrastructure companies we are in an excellent position to move into this exciting new market.”

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