Nokia and China Mobile deliver live video using MEC and small cells

High mobile data capacity and real-time video delivered using a dense small cell network, mobile edge computing and edge video orchestration at Shanghai motor race

Nokia and China Mobile deliver live video using MEC and small cells

Nokia and Chine Mobile streamed real-time mobile video to spectators attending a ‘recent motor race in Shanghai, China’ using a combination of small cells in an ultra-dense heterogeneous network (HetNet) infrastructure, mobile edge computing and edge video orchestration.

High-traffic events present huge challenges to mobile operators as tens of thousands of people connect simultaneously to the network to access social media sites, watch videos and share their experiences. Live mobile video requires an ultra-low latency, high-capacity solution to ensure the transmission is of sufficient quality.

Nokia worked with China Mobile Group Shanghai and China Mobile Communication Research Institute to deliver the solution using a mobile edge computing-enabled LTE network, Nokia Flexi Zone small cells, Nokia Flexi Zone controller and cloud-based AirScale Wi-Fi, which was seamlessly integrated into the mobile operator’s network, to deliver the speeds and latency required to meet all subscribers' demands with the required quality.

Using edge video orchestration over the mobile edge computing platforms, spectators could access a selection of live video feeds on their mobile devices with close to zero latency. Video feeds from different angles of the race - including from a driver's cockpit - gave spectators the unique opportunity to tailor their view and become immersed in the race in real-time.

Meng Xin, Deputy GM of Shanghai Mobile's Optimisation Centre, said: "As a global innovation leader we always strive to deliver the highest quality services to our customers. We set high expectations with a superb mobile data experience at the event in 2015 and we are pleased to work with Nokia again this year with ultra-high capacity small cells network offering our subscribers a unique real-time video experience."

Mark Atkinson, head of small cells and Wi-Fi business line at Nokia, said: "Today's connected consumer expects high-quality mobile data service everywhere, not least in a very densely packed stadium.

“It is testament to our local services expertise and the strength of Nokia's leading technology that we could exceed the expectations we set during last year's event, combining an ultra-dense small cell network with mobile edge computing to transform the digital experience for thousands of spectators."

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