Sierra Wireless AirLink LTE gateways enable Wi-Fi on Transdev buses

QoS Telecom to provide Wi-Fi Internet on-board services using AirLink LTE gateways to improve operations and customer satisfaction by monitoring gateways in real time and remotely managing the deployment

Sierra Wireless AirLink LTE gateways enable Wi-Fi on Transdev buses

International transport operator Transdev has selected French Wi-Fi operator QoS Telecom to deploy and operate Wi-Fi Internet on-board services in its buses using Sierra Wireless AirLink LTE gateways. QoS Telecom is also using the secure, cloud-based Sierra Wireless AirLink Management Service to monitor the gateways in real time and remotely manage the deployment.

Transdev provides mobility, guidance and support for local transport authorities from pre-project phase, to project support and development, to everyday operation of transport networks.

The liberalisation of long-distance passenger transport, as seen in France last year, is an important industry development that will improve mobility, complementing existing transportation services with new, more attractive mobility services.

Transit authorities such as Transdev are turning to the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect transit buses and support new applications that improve the passenger experience on-board. All of these capabilities are enabled by highly reliable, intelligent IoT solutions connected through public cellular networks.

QoS Telecom is a French Wi-Fi operator for transit operating companies. QoS Telecom’s WiFi On Board solutions provide value-added services (location-based services, real time marketing), custom login pages and a pooling solution with business applications (e.g. traveller information system, ticketing and video surveillance). Today, Wi-Fi hotspots managed by QoS Telecom provide Wi-Fi on-board services to more than three million people in Europe.

“WiFi On Board is a major asset for transit operators because it improves passenger satisfaction, and we’re pleased to provide the best on-board internet experience for Transdev’s passengers,” said Jean-Luc Volcovici, CEO of QoS Telecom.

“QoS Telecom provides a complete turnkey package, from feasibility study to day-to-day operations with the highest quality of service. We are also pleased with our long-standing relationship with Sierra Wireless. We’ve been integrating AirLink cellular gateways into many European deployments because they deliver rugged, reliable, leading-edge LTE performance designed for a vehicle environment.”

Sierra Wireless said its AirLink gateways can be deployed out-of-the-box with no programming requirements and are built with embedded intelligence to always stay connected. Customers rely on AirLink gateways every day in remote outdoor locations, in-vehicle applications, and distributed retail chains, where cellular gateways securely gather and transmit data to people, assets and enterprises.

With solutions for a range of applications, including multi-network use cases, nearly two million Sierra Wireless gateways are deployed globally in transit, first responder vehicles and commercial fleets.

“Sierra Wireless AirLink LTE gateways are designed to make it easy for customers to deploy mobile networking solutions in many environments, including in-vehicle networking applications,” said Jason Krause, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Solutions, Sierra Wireless.

“Managing a fleet of mobile gateways can be a challenging task. You need to maintain multiple configurations, update software, and remotely diagnose reported issues. With our cloud-based AirLink Management Service, customers can easily handle all of these tasks, while efficiently managing operating costs.”

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