Stream introduces full support for LoRaWAN on its IoT-X platform

Customers can now manage their LoRaWAN low power, wide area IoT networks directly from Stream Technologies’ IoT-X platform

Stream introduces full support for LoRaWAN on its IoT-X platform

Stream Techologies has announced that its IoT-X platform now has full support for LoRaWAN – the low power, wide area network protocol for the Internet of Things. Customers can now manage their full LoRaWAN implementation directly from IoT-X. This is the latest step in Stream's vision to manage all IoT connectivity on a single pane of glass.

"Until now we've run our LoRaWAN server as a managed service for customers, with this version of IoT-X we've put the customer in control. Customers can now create and manage their LoRa applications directly from IoT-X, this will allow customers to create and deploy public and private networks quickly and easily using IoT-X," said Alan Tait, Stream's CTO.

Stream's LoRaWAN Network server supports OTA, ABP and Class A & B directly configurable from IoT-X. Stream will be releasing the latest beta of its IoT-X platform on IoT day (9 April 2016) which has a range of new features and functionality.

"IoT-X is evolving to have further support for Application Enablement Platforms by utilising Stream's data routing and business logic capabilities to make decisions based on application data. By partnering with the best IoT companies Stream continues to push what's possible for IoT applications and deployment," stated Kurt Kelly, VP Strategic Partnerships.

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