Cobham releases new auto-tests for Motorola APX 8000 P25 radios

Automated test and alignment software applications are available for both the 3920B Series Analogue and Digital Radio Test platform and 8800 Series Digital Radio Test Set

Cobham releases new auto-tests for Motorola APX 8000 P25 radios

Cobham announced today the release of two new, automated test and alignment software applications to support the new Motorola APX 8000 Radios. The two software applications are available as options to both the 3920B Series Analog and Digital Radio Test Platform and the 8800 Series Digital Radio Test Set.

Both applications fully automate APX 8000 radio testing and alignment. It also ensures optimum radio performance in significantly less time, while minimizing service and support costs for end users and dealers.

Cobham announced these two new options as part of its exhibition at the Motorola Channel Partner Expo 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 3920B, with its low phase noise RF signal generator, is the primary radio test system approved by Motorola for automated testing and alignment of the APX Series of radios. The 3920B has undergone extensive testing and approval by the Motorola Continuing Product Engineering (CPE) group for the APX radio.

The 8800S offers APX testing and alignment capabilities while also providing “pick up and go” capabilities for field test applications. It features the industry’s largest colour display, a lightweight design, ruggedness, and 2½ hour battery operation for use on the bench or in the field.

“We are pleased to provide this unique test technology for Motorola APX 8000 Radios on both our 3920B and 8800S,” said Rob Barden, Director of Product Marketing at Cobham AvComm. “The 3920B and the 8800S provide advanced method for repeatable and highly accurate test and alignment for Motorola radios that requires minimal technical interface.”

The Motorola APX 8000 Series Auto-Test can be ordered as an upgrade to Option 644 for the 3920B, which requires Option 604, Motorola APX Series Auto-Test/Alignment Option. It is included in Option 103 for the 8800S. These software options are field upgradeable.


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