Zetron updates CAD system to improve incident management and response

New features and functionality added to computer aided dispatch system to enhance the ways public safety agencies are able to collect and use incident information

Zetron updates CAD system to improve incident management and response

Zetron has announced that the new release of its computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system offers a range of new capabilities that improve the ways public-safety agencies obtain, use, and track incident information and resources. These improvements include:

Enhanced incident handling and incident management - new capabilities allow users to: access information based on incident role; link incident-management records; detect duplicate incidents; clone incidents; and view incident information by agency
Support for multiple database operation - provides mirrored duplicate databases, background database synchronization, and automatic database failover
Interface support for next-generation ALI standards
Improved National Crime Information Centre (NCIC) search capabilities, including query by person, vehicle, article, boat, or gun
Enhanced resource management that improves how incident resources are assigned and controlled
Improved location validation - includes search for location by name, intersection, or previous incident locations.

“Our updated CAD system improves agencies’ ability to obtain and apply incident information and resources,” said Zetron VP of Product Management, Gary Stidham. “This, in turn, improves the speed and accuracy of their response as well as their ability to manage, associate, differentiate, and report critical information—both during and after an incident.”

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