Pietro Fiorentini uses u-blox ATEX certified cellular module for metering

SARA-G350 ATEX is designed for use in gas metering applications in residential and industrial areas

Pietro Fiorentini uses u-blox ATEX certified cellular module for metering

Pietro Fiorentini is using the u-blox SARA-G350 cellular module for its new RSE gas meter family of products. The company, which produces components, systems and services for the regulation and metering of natural gas, is deploying the u-blox devices for gas metering in residential and industrial areas.

Ensuring power efficiency, as well as product robustness and reliability are crucial. The u-blox SARA-G350cellular module is certified according to ATEX, an EU Directive defining the technical requirements and conformity assessment procedures to be applied to equipment deployed in potentially explosive environments.

"We needed a high quality and reliable smart technology for critical gas telemetry in residential and industrial areas. SARA-G350, the ATEX certified cellular module from u-blox was therefore the right choice. This is another step towards better, more efficient, stable and safer gas distribution networks and management," explained Pietro Cerami, marketing director at Pietro Fiorentini.

The SARA-G3 series of GSM/GPRS modules features extremely low power consumption and a miniature LGA form factor. SARA-G350 is the quad-band version for global connectivity, while the ATEX certified variant is the ideal solution for the development of smart devices deployed in potentially explosive environments. u-blox also complies with ATEX regulations by manufacturing in ISO/TS 16949 certified production sites.

"It was very exciting to collaborate with a market leader such as Pietro Fiorentini in developing a product that would guarantee secure and high quality wireless communication in smart gas metering applications," explained Stefano Moioli, Director Product Management Cellular at u-blox.

"Professional grade SARA-G350 ATEX follows the u-blox ‘nested design’ philosophy: to maintain form factor and software portability. This enables customers to easily upgrade their products with each new generation of u-blox wireless modules, without having to change the PCB designs. The easy migration between u-blox products contributes to a maximised investment, simplified logistics and drastically reduced time-to-market," he added.

Pietro Fiorentini and u-blox plan further collaboration with the advent of new mobile technologies, such as Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT).

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