Ericsson unveils new router for low latency services

Router 8801 is designed to help operators address new opportunities with quicker time-to-market and superior experience by ensuring cloud-ready content can be deployed closer to end-users

Ericsson unveils new router for low latency services

Ericsson's new Router 8801, the latest addition to its subscriber management portfolio, is designed to accelerate the adoption of cloud and video services. Router 8801 is an ultra-compact 240 Gbps 1RU router, which supports distributed Broadband Network Gateway (BNG), distributed cloud gateway, distributed provider edge and hyper-scale Open Flow switch with integrated inline high touch applications.

Router 8801 runs in-house smart network processor SNP 4000, delivering open platform with application aware and subscriber aware characteristics that enable personalised services for additional revenue streams.

Glen Hunt with Current Analysis, commented: "Operators are looking to transform their networks by using the best combination of available options such as purpose-built hardware, NFV and SDN to support stringent subscriber requirements in an optimal manner. Deployment of Router 8801 will bring service activation point closer to subscribers, minimize latency and will also become a critical component in making the networks future-proof."

Arne Sjule, Head of Product Area IP routing, Ericsson said: "Exponential traffic and the growth of over-the-top applications are forcing service providers to scale their network. Router 8801 is cost optimized for disaggregated deployment scenarios which makes it attractive for next generation distributed cloud architecture.

“With this deployment, network operators will get a solution to efficiently meet rapidly increasing demand for advanced services by supporting today's network requirements and also future growth in terms of speed, devices and applications."


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