Fujitsu showcases IoT solutions for enterprises at MWC 2016

Interactive exhibits from IoT enterprise wearables, Fujitsu Laboratories and mobile devices including STYLISTIC tablets and PalmSecure technology on display

Fujitsu showcases IoT solutions for enterprises at MWC 2016

Fujitsu showcased its Internet of Things (IoT) technologies at Mobile World Congress 2016, basing its demonstrations around how its solutions can play a key role in the digital transformation of business processes across a wide range of industries.

Fujitsu said it defined digital transformation as bridging the digital disconnect through the seamless integration of new front-end experiences with processes and information at the core operational level.

The company believes that digital transformation is fundamental to business growth of every organisation, however achieving it requires enterprises to be digitally-enabled from end to end.

Mobility plays a central role to achieve this – from workplace solutions, wearable technologies and sensors, to cloud computing. Fujitsu argued that that’s why technology needs to be where the people are – not the other way round – to support and empower people, naturally and unobtrusively.

“European business leaders agree that digital transformation is critical to their future success; however, the majority also believe that the whole digitalisation process is a gamble,” said Dr Alex Bazin, Vice President & Head of IoT Digital Business Platform, Fujitsu Technology Solutions.

“Based on a human-centric approach and a comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions and services that together put the company at the forefront of digital excellence, Fujitsu helps enterprises to improve their odds for digital success.”

IoT smart technologies on display at MWC 2016, included:

  • Smart Utilities & Smart Field Services: Demonstrating the Hyperconnected Van and ‘Augmented Reality’ for more effective field engineers
  • Automotive & Smart Transport: One of the biggest challenges of the transport and logistics sector is improving driver safety and fleet management with sensor-based data and Fujitsu offers digital solutions to benefit the driver, fleet manager, the vehicle, the suppliers and the manufacturers
  • IoT enterprise wearables: Devices and sensors including location badges and tags, vital sensing band, and a remote monitoring station. For example, vital-sensing bands detect the workers’ environment to prevent accidents/falls, which improves their wellbeing
  • Smart Manufacturing: Supply chain visibility, factory efficiency, and improved worker safety
  • Smart Healthcare: Fujitsu Healthcare Cloud / RFID solutions for hospitals such as digitalised bedsheets and uniforms for hospital.  Fujitsu’s Healthcare Cloud platform focuses on patient / client communications and transaction services, self-management, TeleCare, and Community Healthcare services
  • Smart Cities: Showcases on IoT-enabling topics around: Mobility, Big Data and Human Centric Innovation
  • Smart Agriculture: Experience the real-life case study of the Connected Cow in the dairy industry
  • Smart Financial Services: Expanding the Mobile ATM user – Fujitsu ATM Series 100 – using PalmSecure and NFC technologies for secure transactions.

Mobile devices on show included:

  • Discover Human-Centric Working:
  • ESPRIMO mini PC with embedded PalmSecure technology
  • Unlimited usability and productivity with FUJITSU Tablet STYLISTIC R726
  • Easy to use collaboration solution supported by Intel Unite and ESPRIMO Q956 mini PC to transform existing conference rooms into smart, connected places to meet.

Demonstrations from Fujitsu Laboratories included:

  • Creative Digital Spaces with Virtual Window
  • Air Hand-Writing and Ring Type Devices for Hands-free Operations.


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